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How Do I Make a Resume?

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Shin from Houston Community College asked: “I have never made a resume before. How do I make one?” Thanks for your question Shin – A resume is the ultimate selling tool for you to leverage when applying and interviewing for jobs. It is becoming the most popular way of applying to positions in today’s job market. Many employers are moving to electronic systems when prospective candidates simply upload an electronic copy of their resume instead of filling out long applications. In some cases, all that is required is a link to your LinkedIn Profile. Your resume has now become a … / Read more »

How Can I Make My Application Stand Out?

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Grant from University of Northern Colorado asked: “When I submit my resume to job boards such as LinkedIn or Indeed, I feel as though my application gets lost in the giant stack of resumes and my skills and qualifications never get noticed. How can I ensure that my application will get noticed and that it doesn’t remain just a ‘number’.” Thanks for your question Grant – I can definitely relate to your frustration. When I was a college student, I would submit my resume to all kinds of job boards and would hardly ever receive a response. Additionally, when I … / Read more »

How Do I Find a Career in Human Resources?

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Glenda from Midwestern State University asked: “I have a Bachelors degree in Human Resource Management and a Masters degree in HR Management. However, I am having a challenging time finding a career in the field of Human Resources where I can use my education. What steps can I take to pursue an HR Position?” Thanks for your question, Glenda – Finding a career in Human Resources can be uniquely challenging. As an HR Graduate myself, I have first-hand knowledge of the barriers that can prevent someone from being hired into a role in this field. When I was searching for … / Read more »

Why is Everyone Else Getting Hired Except for Me?

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Nina from Texas State University asked: “I feel like I’m doing everything right when it comes to the job search process. I have a solid resume, practice my interview skills, and strive to make a great impression. However, it seems like other candidates always seem to get hired over me. Why is this?   Thanks for your question, Nina – I feel your frustration. When I was a senior in college looking for a full-time job, I interviewed at fifteen different organizations and only received one job offer. Similar to you, I felt as though I did everything right. I … / Read more »

How Soon After An Interview Should I Send a Thank You Note?

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Dina from EPCC asked: “How soon after an interview should I send a Thank You letter?” Thanks for your question, Dina – This is often a question I have struggled with as well. Sending a letter too soon may send a message that you didn’t genuinely reflect on what you appreciated in the interview and waiting too long might lead the employer to believe you are disinterested. Neither scenario is ideal, so what is the perfect length of time to wait? The honest answer is that there is no set standard. Each situation is different and must be approached carefully … / Read more »