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Below are the coach's responses to previous Ask the Coach questions. The coach responds to as many questions as possible and posts the responses to the blog for the benefit of everyone who follows TheCampusCareerCoach!

How can I improve my Resume and Job Search?

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Jason from DeVry University asked: “I am not having much luck on my job search and know that my resume is lacking in telling my entire story. How can I put my best foot forward and improve my search?” Thank you for your question! As we approach the job search, it is important to remember what we can control – the time we spend applying to jobs, the companies we target, building a network, and our brand. As you take steps to re-strategize, I have provided several tips to help you in your search: Assess your Narrative Before you begin … / Read more »

What Do I Need to Do to Land an Entry-Level Job in Graphic Design?

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Isaiah from Southern Oregon University asks: “Can you tell me some ways to find entry-level Graphic Design jobs?  I apply to jobs on sites like, but they usually require several years of experience.  I graduated last year with a BS in Art and Graphic Design concentrations.” Thanks for your question, Isaiah.  It is competitive in today’s job market, even for entry-level positions.  When you consider that 250 resumes are received on average for each corporate job opening, it isn’t hard to imagine your struggle.  Here’s the good news, though.  The job market is continuing to improve as the US … / Read more »

What Do I Do When Entry-Level Jobs Seem Out of Reach?

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Matthew from Barry University asked: “My internship fell through. I’m about to graduate with my 3rd degree and have zero real-world experience.  Every website claims they offer positions that are entry-level but their prerequisites are too demanding.  I don’t even get callbacks for volunteer positions.  Any suggestions?” Thanks for your question, Matthew.  It can be frustrating when you think you’ve landed a great internship, but it falls through in the end.  This can happen to anyone so use this experience as a learning tool for the future. Listed below are several things you can do to move towards landing the … / Read more »

I’m a Senior – is it too late to do an internship?

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Mark from the University of Texas asked: “I am entering my senior year and looking for an internship in the business field. Is it too late?” Thank you for your question, Mark! It’s never to late to start looking for an internship! Depending on the type of internship you’re looking for, there may be special circumstances or deadlines you need to be mindful of, but there’s no time like the present to start looking. Internships for academic credit Depending on your campus, it is likely past the deadline for a Fall academic internship. Many academic internship programs are timed like … / Read more »

What Can I Do To Find Full-Time Employment in My Field?

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Michelle from Keller Graduate School of Management, DeVry University asked: “I have my BS in Healthcare Administration and my Masters in Public Administration. I been working as a temp for the past year but I am still not able to find full-time employment and it’s really taken a toll on me. I trying everything but I all I get is, “do you want to be a CNA?”. I really need some advice on how to proceed with confidence.” Thank you for your question, Michelle.  I can appreciate your frustration in not landing the right opportunity as quickly as you’d like. … / Read more »