What Employers Look For In Your Social Media

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As a recent college graduate it is very important to make sure that you are prepared for your job search. A big component that job seekers forget is to make sure that their social media accounts are employer-ready. Is everything that you have on your social media something that you want a potential employer to see? Here is a guide to help make sure your social media profiles are employer ready. This infographic was created by Stevenson University

Engineering Employment Outlook

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Among the many resources that rank the top careers, it’s difficult to find one that doesn’t list engineering among the top choices. For aspiring engineers, however, it can be difficult to decide which major or career path in engineering to pursue. Engineering today can incorporate a number of exciting job aspects, pulling in different types of roles and responsibilities tailored to various interests. This provides many different opportunities and avenues for students and aspiring engineers. RevPart has created an infographic that highlights the different types of engineering career paths — including salary information, job outlooks and more! Engineering Employment Outlook … / Read more »

What to Wear at Work

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Tmlewin what to wear

Employers make assumptions about a candidate based on their appearance. Therefore, it is crucial to make your first impression matter. Knowing what to wear on the job or at an interview can be a challenge, especially if this is your first job! There are countless ways to prepare for an upcoming interview or first day on the job, the less obvious aspect considered is often deciding what is appropriate to wear in different office/work settings. As work environments continue to evolve, the line between business professional and business casual continues to blur. Of course, in any work environment a dress code is subjective to … / Read more »

15 High-Paying Low-Stress Jobs You Need to Know About

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Low stress jobs Infographic

Is your job literally making you sick? You may not be alone. Excessive workplace stress has been shown to have a negative impact on health – both physical and psychological. Surveys show that around 40% of U.S. workers quit jobs to escape from a stressful environment. If you have tried dozens of options to deal with stress and feel you just can’t take one more day at your taxing, nerve-wracking job, then this infographic from Quantum Binders can help you jumpstart your job search for a high-paying job with minimum stress. Take a look! Toby dean works on behalf Quantum … / Read more »

The College Graduate’s Career Toolkit

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PJ from Springfield Technical Community College asked: “What should students have in their toolkit?” Thanks for your question, PJ – Ask a college student, I asked the same question as you. What types of skills and core competencies should I be equipped with when I graduate? What are some things that will set me apart from other candidates? What do I need to hit the ground running and be successful? These are some of the questions I asked when I was moving towards getting my first full-time job. With a little help from my career center and some networking events, … / Read more »