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How can I improve my Resume and Job Search?

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Jason from DeVry University asked: “I am not having much luck on my job search and know that my resume is lacking in telling my entire story. How can I put my best foot forward and improve my search?” Thank you for your question! As we approach the job search, it is important to remember what we can control – the time we spend applying to jobs, the companies we target, building a network, and our brand. As you take steps to re-strategize, I have provided several tips to help you in your search: Assess your Narrative Before you begin … / Read more »

What Do I Need to Do to Land an Entry-Level Job in Graphic Design?

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Isaiah from Southern Oregon University asks: “Can you tell me some ways to find entry-level Graphic Design jobs?  I apply to jobs on sites like, but they usually require several years of experience.  I graduated last year with a BS in Art and Graphic Design concentrations.” Thanks for your question, Isaiah.  It is competitive in today’s job market, even for entry-level positions.  When you consider that 250 resumes are received on average for each corporate job opening, it isn’t hard to imagine your struggle.  Here’s the good news, though.  The job market is continuing to improve as the US … / Read more »

How to Manage a Low GPA During Your Job Search

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Emmit from ITESM asked: “At the beginning of my studies I had some personal problems that affected my performance, at the end I did very good on my courses but I have a bad GPA. How should I handle this situation on an interview?” Hello Emmit. I am sure many other students can relate to your challenge of having a personal issue that affected their grades in college. You may be surprised to know that you are not alone and also relieved to hear that having a low GPA is not the end of the world for your job search. … / Read more »

5 Ways College Prepares You for the Ultimate Career

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An article by Ohio based contributor Lizzie Weakley. To begin almost all careers, one needs to receive a college education first. Most employers will not even look at candidates unless that candidate has a relevant degree. Because of this, college programs play a major role in preparing students to enter their respective career fields. Here are five of the ways college prepares you for the ultimate career of your choice. It Provides Education This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is one of the primary reasons students attend college—to learn the ins and outs of their field. You learn … / Read more »

What Millennial Job Seekers Need to Know About Social Media

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An article by contributor Rachael Murphey. Millennials are well-known for their social media use. After all, this is the first generation to actually grow up with computers, so it only makes sense that millennials would be far more avid users of social media than other generations. Unfortunately, it seems that not all millennials are fully aware of the possible consequences of their social media use. For this reason, we’ll now look at a few things that millennials need to know about social media and how it could potentially affect their ability to get a job. Potential Employers Can and Will … / Read more »