Go for the Gold: Solid Career Ideas for Every Student

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Go for the GoldAn article by contributor Rachelle Wilber.

There are some focused things you can do while in college that will greatly enhance your chances of successfully launching a career. Here are some career ideas.

Self and Career Exploration

Colleges generally have career guidance services or counseling centers where you can explore your interests, aptitudes and personality traits through tests and discussions with counselors. Take advantage of this service to get clear on career possibilities that are suitable for you, or to confirm a good fit between you and your chosen career. Learn all you can about current trends in the field you are considering through professors and the career guidance office. You will learn, for example, that many CEOs prefer a liberal arts background in their search for creative thinkers and better communicators.

Career Preparation

Once you decide on a major, form a clear idea of how best to prepare for your career. Besides taking the courses in that prescribed program, you may want to add electives that would broaden your thinking and augment your qualifications. For example, employers across industries are emphasizing the importance of a background in applied psychology. There are many online applied psychology schools that can help broaden your understanding of the field.  Once you have the education, starting a career will be that much easier.

Enhancing Employability

Networking with professors and professionals in your career field is a definite help in securing a good job and being accepted into their professional community. Online contact can be made by inquiries or comments you address to authors of research or professional articles. Work experience, not necessarily in your career field, will provide you with opportunities to establish skills and habits that help you with any job. These include appearing at work on time, time management, relationships with supervisor and coworkers, teamwork and practical problem solving.

Voluntary experiences in community service of some sort is an expression of care and social responsibility that all employers will see as an asset.

Preparing for Job Application

Your job application is your one-time chance of creating a positive impression of you as a prospective employee. First impressions are seldom changed, especially among busy managers, and therefore preparing for the application should warrant the same kind of preparation you undertake when facing an examination. Familiarizing yourself with all aspects of your chosen profession builds your knowledge base and confidence so that in a job interview, you are seen as having joined that profession. You can do this by reading publications and research in that field, and by joining and/or attending meetings and conferences of that professional organization.

Keep working on a personal statement long before you apply for any job. This entails introspecting and revising so as to express clearly who you are and what you hope to be. At the time of applying for a specific job, you can write how this fits you into the job you’re seeking.


When applying for a job, thoroughly research the organization you are approaching to get a big picture of who they are and what they are attempting to do. If you feel a kinship between their aspirations and your own, this will express naturally in the job interview.

These are ideas to position you for going for the gold. Forethought and comprehensive preparation are keys to future success.

Rachelle Wilber is a freelance writer living in the San Diego, California area. She graduated from San Diego State University with her Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Media Studies. She tries to find an interest in all topics and themes, which prompts her writing. When she isn’t on her porch writing in the sun, you can find her shopping, at the beach, or at the gym. Rachelle knows that an online masters of business administration is a good fit for the self-motivated career driven type.  Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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