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How to Make Employers Look Beyond a Criminal Record

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Once you have had a criminal record, it can be rather difficult to rebuild your reputation. No matter how hard you try to demonstrate that you’ve changed your ways, some people will always affix a black mark alongside your name due to misdeeds from the past. This can be especially problematic when applying for work, as employers could be reluctant to hire someone who has had a criminal record. They cannot discriminate against someone purely for this reason, though, and it should only prove to be an obstacle if there is a strong link between the vacancy and the nature … / Read more »

Can a convicted felon find a job?

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Harold asked: What job search advice do you have for someone with a felony conviction on their record?  What should I disclose and when?  Are there resources available for people like me who have served their time and want to make a fresh start?  Any advice you have would be really helpful. Hi Harold First, congratulations on this new chapter in your life. Starting over after a conviction and period of incarceration is not easy.  You will face a lot of obstacles in seeking employment that most other job seekers will not. Of course, I don’t have to tell you … / Read more »