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How Can I Make My Application Stand Out?

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Grant from University of Northern Colorado asked: “When I submit my resume to job boards such as LinkedIn or Indeed, I feel as though my application gets lost in the giant stack of resumes and my skills and qualifications never get noticed. How can I ensure that my application will get noticed and that it doesn’t remain just a ‘number’.” Thanks for your question Grant – I can definitely relate to your frustration. When I was a college student, I would submit my resume to all kinds of job boards and would hardly ever receive a response. Additionally, when I … / Read more »

How Do I Find a Career in Human Resources?

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Glenda from Midwestern State University asked: “I have a Bachelors degree in Human Resource Management and a Masters degree in HR Management. However, I am having a challenging time finding a career in the field of Human Resources where I can use my education. What steps can I take to pursue an HR Position?” Thanks for your question, Glenda – Finding a career in Human Resources can be uniquely challenging. As an HR Graduate myself, I have first-hand knowledge of the barriers that can prevent someone from being hired into a role in this field. When I was searching for … / Read more »

Why is Everyone Else Getting Hired Except for Me?

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Nina from Texas State University asked: “I feel like I’m doing everything right when it comes to the job search process. I have a solid resume, practice my interview skills, and strive to make a great impression. However, it seems like other candidates always seem to get hired over me. Why is this?   Thanks for your question, Nina – I feel your frustration. When I was a senior in college looking for a full-time job, I interviewed at fifteen different organizations and only received one job offer. Similar to you, I felt as though I did everything right. I … / Read more »

Top Skills and Values Employers Want from Job-Seekers

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An Article from contributor John Stone. Most people will agree that finding a job can in fact be considered a job itself! On top of searching positions, submitting resumes, and juggling interviews, you have to keep your job skills and knowledge competitive in today’s ever changing market. Searching for a job requires constant learning and advancement, and taking the time for self-improvement can greatly boost your job search efforts. Professional skills can be learned and upgraded by taking both online and offline courses or by doing voluntary and humanitarian work. Following are some of the most sought-after business skills in … / Read more »

Am I in the Right Major?

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Bethany from Texas A&M asked: “I entered college as an architecture major, but after some contemplation I switched to communications. After working for the campus newspaper, I discovered that there are certain parts of the job I loved while there were other components that weren’t as exciting. I am trying to narrow down what I would like to do with this major but am struggling to come to a decision as to which path I should head down. I’m even beginning to doubt as to whether this major is right for me. Can you provide me with any advice?” Thanks … / Read more »