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5 Ways to Get Hired Right After College Graduation

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An article by contributor Anica Oaks. Nearly $10,000 is the most recent average tuition, according to the College Board, for one year at a public, four-year, in-state university. That is no small amount of money, and four years is no small amount of time. If you pursue a college degree, the last thing you want to do is graduate without career prospects. Here are some tips to get started off on the right foot. Choose Your Degree Wisely Pursuing a degree because you “like” a subject is poor career planning. Also realize that one degree can open diverse career paths. … / Read more »

How to Decide What Direction to Take Your Career

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An article by UK based contributor Sam Gatt. Deciding what direction to take your career and professional life in can be so difficult. After all, we spend the majority of our times at work, working on our careers and furthering them. We need to make sure that we have chosen a direction that fulfills and satisfies us, as well as pays the bills. Focusing solely on something that pays the bills will eventually lead to unhappiness, and searching for something more. The tips in this guide will help you to decide once and for all which direction to take your career … / Read more »

Job Hunt Tips for Getting the Job You Didn’t Think You Could

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An article by contributor Brooke Chaplan. Job hunts are difficult, and the more qualified you are the longer it can take to find that perfect job. It can be tempting to take a career you are overqualified for, but it’s even more important to push yourself and try to reach above what you think is possible, even if you think you’re facing a lot of competition. Improve your chances of getting that perfect job by gaining a solid understanding of each company you are applying for, and make your resume stand out. Tailor Your Resume If you’re sending the same … / Read more »

How can I return to the workforce after raising my family?

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returning to work

Donna from Virginia Commonwealth University asked: “I will graduate with my Masters degree this year, but I took 10 years from working to raise my children before going back to school. How can I address this in a positive way on my resume and in interviews?” Returning to work after a long absence is definitely daunting! But don’t let that anxiety keep you from finding a fulfilling life outside of the home. Since you’re completing a degree and starting a new career path with additional education, you’re actually already on your way; you’ve proved you’re ready to rejoin the workforce by … / Read more »

Should I change careers?

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Katie from the University of West Florida asked: “I will have my Master’s degree in I/O psychology soon. I’m looking for a career change into massage or cosmetology school since I have lost interest in the Human Resources field. I have done projects, internships, and some of my job experience is related to HR, but my passion for the field has definitely been reduced. I would like a more creative field, somewhat less stressful, and less paperwork oriented. I want to be able to help people feel better about themselves, but I’m scared that this will be a bad decision.” Thanks for your … / Read more »