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How to Write a Unique Cover Letter and Resume Every Time.

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An article by UK-based contributor Sam Gatt. Getting noticed in the job market takes a lot of work. You need to stand out from everyone else who’s gunning for the same job that you are. If you don’t make an effort to show that you’re different and the right person for the job, you’re just going to look like everyone else. A lot of college students and new graduates start off sending a generic cover letter and resume to hundreds of companies. Then they wonder why they haven’t had any interest. It might make sense at first, to try and apply … / Read more »

What does your cover letter say about you?

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Yes, we’re all familiar with the form letter that reads like junk mail that most people send along with their resume. There is some disagreement in the career coaching community about the importance of cover letters. Some say it’s a relic from the days of fax machine communication: a formality that is glanced over and forgotten. Others say it’s an integral part of the application progress: a lens that focuses and compliments the resume. It is up to you as an applicant to decide how you want to be marketed, and how your information is delivered to an employer. But, in the world … / Read more »

To Whom should I address my cover letter?

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Jennifer from the University of Texas at Arlington asked: I am applying for a job that requires a cover letter. I already have a cover letter but I am unsure to whom I should address it. I have looked on the company’s website for the name of a person, but I cannot find one. Who would I address my letter to in this scenario?  Hi Jennifer – So many people make huge mistakes when writing cover letters. I will answer your question and offer you some advice. Never send a resume without a cover letter Let me repeat that!  Never … / Read more »

When is the right time for a college senior to start looking for a job?

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starting blocks

Matt from Seminole State University asked: Like many of my fellow May 2014 graduates, I am hoping to have a position lined up when I graduate. I am completing a B.S. in Construction Management.  When is the best time to apply for a full time position before I graduate? Also, how do I indicate in a cover letter that I won’t be available for a full time position until after graduation? Hi Matt – A lot of students have these same questions.  Your first question has a variety of answers; the second is pretty straightforward. When should you start looking for a … / Read more »

65 “Ask the Coach” Answers from The Campus Career Coach

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Do you have a question for the Coach? The following questions have been addressed by The Campus Career Coach during the 2012-13 Academic Year.  If you have a question, just “Ask The Coach” and look for the response on this blog! Are there any jobs where you can work from home? Are there jobs in Omaha related to lobbying? Can I afford my current lifestyle? Can I get a job with a 2.2 GPA? Can you recommend trusted sites for salary information? Do career centers verify the legitimacy of employers that post jobs to their systems? Does my resume need an Objective statement? Does studying abroad give … / Read more »