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How to Write an Effective Resume Skills Section

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An article by contributor Rudeth Shaughnessy. Your resume is your ticket to attracting the recruiter’s attention and getting them to determine you are a viable candidate for their role. In the few seconds they scan your resume, you need to convince them that you are a candidate with the potential to fill their role. One of the most important sections of your resume to persuade them is your skills section. You may be thinking that the person reading your resume can just infer your skills by reading the other content in your resume. Or isn’t the skills section just a filler … / Read more »

Strike work-life balance in your first job after graduation

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An Article by contributor Chloe Taylor. Landing a well-paid job in your field of expertise immediately upon graduation is a huge success, but managing to achieve work-life balance as a newbie in the business hoops is nothing short of a miracle. Blame it on youthful enthusiasm or desire for validation, but many graduates wind up chained to their work in a matter of weeks. And while the newly-acquired sense of purpose, self-importance, and responsibility might feel great in the first few months, all that work and little or no play will at some point begin to deplete your batteries and … / Read more »

Home Based Jobs Students Should Consider to increase their Monthly Income

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An article by contributor Emma Miller. Being a student is not easy; the demands are high, competition can be really fierce and the expenses are not at all minor. This is the reason why many students search for opportunities to make a few bucks while studying and help themselves and their parents financially. Luckily, we live in the booming age of internet jobs that can be done from home and usually have somewhat flexible hours which is exactly what a student needs in order to be able to attend lectures and study for exams. So, here’s a list of jobs … / Read more »

How Do I Make a Resume?

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Shin from Houston Community College asked: “I have never made a resume before. How do I make one?” Thanks for your question Shin – A resume is the ultimate selling tool for you to leverage when applying and interviewing for jobs. It is becoming the most popular way of applying to positions in today’s job market. Many employers are moving to electronic systems when prospective candidates simply upload an electronic copy of their resume instead of filling out long applications. In some cases, all that is required is a link to your LinkedIn Profile. Your resume has now become a … / Read more »

Resume Preparation Tips | Writing About Your Work Experience

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An article by contributor Gigi W. When applying for a position that you have not had before, you may be stumped at how your prior experience fits. But when trying to determine how to get hired, even with or without work experience, you have to use every tool in your arsenal, and that includes all your work experience. So how do you write about your work experience, especially some of the first jobs you’ve had, on your professional resume? Prepare And Research First When looking to apply for a job, the first thing you need to do is examine the … / Read more »