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How to Get a Job as a Wedding Planner

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An article by contributor Gigi W. Before you decide to become a wedding planner, you should make sure that you understand what it takes to do a wedding planner’s job. Organizing and overseeing someone’s most important day in life is a big responsibility, and it can’t be taken lightly. It’s also a trade that’s learned through practice, and it will require you to invest a lot of your time if you want to succeed. So, you best be sure you have what it takes to pursue a career in wedding planning. What Does A Wedding Planner Do? There are two … / Read more »

Job Types in The eSports Industry

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Ten years ago, no one would have predicted that eSports would be offering the excellent job opportunities that it is today. From marketing to finance, those looking for opportunities will find that an eSports is an industry itself now, and it is chock-full of jobs that pay equally as well as other industries. eSports are expected to generate an overwhelming revenue of 800 million dollars. The events taking place under its umbrella are getting bigger and bigger each year. Audiences for these events are also expanding as players win millions of dollars in prize money. Consider this; a tournament that … / Read more »

How do I start my career as an event planner?

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Edmundo at The University of Texas at El Paso asked: “I’m interested in pursuing a career in event planning, but I’m unsure what kinds of majors would get me there or where to find relevant internships.” Hi Edmundo, Unlike law or programming, there is no required education path for event planners. It’s important to think of the skills that are needed or enhance that kind of work. You need to be able to talk with customers, pinpoint their needs, negotiate with vendors and manage schedules and budgets. It takes precise communication, organizational and managerial skills. Majors such as communications, hospitality management, public … / Read more »