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How can I get started with a career in Human Services?

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Kim from Wilmington University asked: “I have a Masters degree in Human Services, but can’t seem to find a job in my field. What can I do to get started?”  Dear Kim, Thank you for writing to us and congratulations on your Master’s degree! The job search can be daunting and I’m happy to discuss action steps to help you find a position in your field. Reflection Before we discuss the search, reflection is an important first step so we know where we are going. Since Human Services offers a variety of career options, ranging from counselor, social worker, case … / Read more »

Job Types in The eSports Industry

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Ten years ago, no one would have predicted that eSports would be offering the excellent job opportunities that it is today. From marketing to finance, those looking for opportunities will find that an eSports is an industry itself now, and it is chock-full of jobs that pay equally as well as other industries. eSports are expected to generate an overwhelming revenue of 800 million dollars. The events taking place under its umbrella are getting bigger and bigger each year. Audiences for these events are also expanding as players win millions of dollars in prize money. Consider this; a tournament that … / Read more »

5 Ways Postgraduate Study Can Accelerate Your Career

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An article by contributor Rachael Murphey. It has been found that master level graduates earn about 25% more annually than their bachelor level counterparts. By continuing your education after the undergraduate level you will experience professional development, create a broader network, and have more career opportunities. Below, check out five ways that postgraduate study can accelerate your career: 1. Higher Career Advancement It is obvious that earning a masters or doctoral degree is no easy task. By having one of these degrees it shows that you have persistence, drive, and dedication, all of which are qualities that employers value. An … / Read more »

Strike work-life balance in your first job after graduation

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An Article by contributor Chloe Taylor. Landing a well-paid job in your field of expertise immediately upon graduation is a huge success, but managing to achieve work-life balance as a newbie in the business hoops is nothing short of a miracle. Blame it on youthful enthusiasm or desire for validation, but many graduates wind up chained to their work in a matter of weeks. And while the newly-acquired sense of purpose, self-importance, and responsibility might feel great in the first few months, all that work and little or no play will at some point begin to deplete your batteries and … / Read more »

5 Trade Jobs with Awesome Earning Potential

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An article by contributor Rachael Murphey. When parents want their children to have high-paying jobs, they almost always think about college. But there are jobs that require skilled labor that pay extremely well. Trade jobs are often overlooked, and a young person who wants to learn a trade can end up making a very comfortable living, without all the college study. If going to a university is not your thing, consider these high-paying trade jobs. HVAC Technician Heating and air conditioning are here to stay, and we will always need skilled technicians to install and service air systems. And it’s … / Read more »