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How Can I Compete for Jobs with a Lower GPA?

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Mary from Texas State University asked: “How do I stand out against others when my GPA doesn’t reflect the hard worker that I am. I am trying to become an elementary education teacher but my overall GPA makes me afraid. It is a 2.98 overall but Texas State GPA is 3.25.” Thanks for your question, Mary.  I hear this from quite a few students so know that you are not alone in your concern about your grades.  Of course, invest time and energy to get the best possible grades that you can.  Your university likely offers some tutoring and writing … / Read more »

What are my options if my low GPA prevents me from completing medical school?

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Alice at University of Texas at El Paso asked: “I was set on medical school after I graduated, but my GPA is under 3.0. Originally I was thinking I could go into nursing or graduate school. However, these programs are becoming increasingly competitive. What are my other options?” Having a lower GPA does not automatically put you out of the running for medical school, though it will likely make acceptance a little more difficult. Since GPA is an indicator of subject mastery, and subject mastery is important in technical fields like medicine, GPA is generally a good indicator of potential performance, but it is not the only … / Read more »