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Five Types of Experience that Will Help any Law School Applicant’s Chances

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Law schools remain some of the most highly competitive educational institutions in the United States and in other countries the world over. For this reason, when a student applies to law school, it is important that the application stands out from the pack. One element of an application that will help distinguish a student above the rest is prior experience. There are certain types of legal experience that stand apart when it comes to enhancing your application for law school. Keep reading for a little advice about the types of experience that will help your chances: Internship in a Law … / Read more »

Should I go to graduate school?

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Jake at Utah State University asked: I am debating whether or not to attend graduate school? I am not convinced that my current career in human resources is for me, however I don’t feel like I know exactly what I want to do in grad school. How can I better discover my unique skills and interests so I can shape my career for the future? Hi Jake It is wise to approach graduate school with caution.  Getting a graduate degree can be a great option.  It can also be a big mistake. When you go to graduate school, you want … / Read more »

Can’t find a job? Why not just go to grad school?

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“The economy is bad, I guess I’ll go to graduate school.”  Have you said this or heard someone say this recently?  I’ll bet you have. I have heard this statement countless times from students facing the completion of their undergraduate degrees. They don’t know what they want to do when they graduate, they hear news reports about high unemployment rates, and they figure that a graduate degree will allow them to wait out the recession, buy them more time to make up their minds and make them more marketable. Ready for the cold, hard slap of reality: A graduate degree – by … / Read more »

What should I do next? I am at crossroads early in my career and I have a lot of questions

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Nick, an alum of Indiana University – Bloomington,  asked I’m a 24-yr old, working as a Commercial Lending Financial Analyst in Indianapolis and have been doing so for 2 years – I graduated with a Finance degree, but have realized that Finance is not what I want to do.  I plan to attend graduate school in Fall 2014 to obtain an MBA, focusing on Entrepreneurship and/or Corporate Innovation.  Since there are 18+ months  between now and when I plan to start my MBA,  I would like to leave Indiana. I have no obligations (family, girlfriend, etc.), and I want to experience … / Read more »

Is a Master’s degree necessary in today’s job market?

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Natalie at the University of Missouri – Columbia asked: Is it necessary to pursue a Master’s Degree in today’s job market? In communication for Public Relations, to be exact. Hi Natalie – The quick answer to your question is No! You cannot say that in all areas and at all times, a Master’s degree is necessary to succeed in today’s job market.  But, of course – the quick answer is not always the best or most complete answer. Check out my post “What you going to do with that graduate degree?” for the long answer :-). To your specific question … / Read more »