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How can I get paid experience when no one will give me an opportunity?

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Tamara from California State University Bakersfield asked: “I have applied to several jobs and keep getting the same response: “We would love to hire you,  but you have no paid experience.” I have volunteered at an after school program for over a year now and told have been told that it does not count.  So my question is this: How can I get paid experience if no one will give me an opportunity?” Thank you for your question, Tamara! This is a tough challenge that can seem impossible to address:  You need experience to get a job, but the only way … / Read more »

5 Steps to a Successful (And Not So Awkward) Informational Interview

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An article by contributor Michelle Riklan. Many applicants experience only the interviewee side of the job application process. They apply for a job, come to the interview, and answer some questions about their work and qualifications. They don’t experience what it’s like to be the one asking questions. If you haven’t interviewed anyone before, an informational interview can quickly go awkward. Still, information is power, so gritting your teeth and going to an informational interview will help you learn about the job or company you’re targeting, in a way no online research or job fair can teach you. Once you … / Read more »

How can I find a Mentor within my major?

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William from University of Tampa asked: “While I’m on campus, how can I find a mentor within my major or a related major for guidance?” William, Great job taking the initiative and seeking a mentor for guidance! Below are tips to help you find a mentor during your time at UT: 1. Your Career Center or Alumni Relations Office. These offices may have a formal mentorship program that connects you with an alumnus to serve as your mentor. When I was freshman in college, I signed up for a mentorship program, coordinated by the alumni office, which partnered me with … / Read more »