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5 Steps to a Successful (And Not So Awkward) Informational Interview

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An article by contributor Michelle Riklan. Many applicants experience only the interviewee side of the job application process. They apply for a job, come to the interview, and answer some questions about their work and qualifications. They don’t experience what it’s like to be the one asking questions. If you haven’t interviewed anyone before, an informational interview can quickly go awkward. Still, information is power, so gritting your teeth and going to an informational interview will help you learn about the job or company you’re targeting, in a way no online research or job fair can teach you. Once you … / Read more »

How can I find a counseling internship and complete my degree?

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Irene at Long Island University – Hudson asked: “I’m planning on completing my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, but I’m required to find an internship in order to graduate. I’ve submitted dozens of applications, requested assistance from my school, and even used my Master’s in Gerontology to widen my opportunities, but to no avail. How can I find an internship and finish my degree on time?” Thank you for your question, Irene. Your situation is not uncommon in counseling and care programs across the country. Students are often left in charge of finding their own practicum opportunities, and may feel lost, … / Read more »

When is the best time to start applying?

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Randall at University of Massachusetts at Lowell asked: “I’m graduating in the spring, and would like to start working as soon as possible after I graduate. If I’m going to start work in June, when should I start applying?” Thanks for your question, Randall, and it’s an extremely common one. When to apply depends mostly on the industry to which you’re applying. Big corporate companies often have a conveyor belt of new hires because they expect a certain number of people to leave or be promoted throughout the year. Smaller companies only hire when they need to fill a particular position. Even … / Read more »