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How Can I Make My Application Stand Out?

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stand out

Grant from University of Northern Colorado asked: “When I submit my resume to job boards such as LinkedIn or Indeed, I feel as though my application gets lost in the giant stack of resumes and my skills and qualifications never get noticed. How can I ensure that my application will get noticed and that it doesn’t remain just a ‘number’.” Thanks for your question Grant – I can definitely relate to your frustration. When I was a college student, I would submit my resume to all kinds of job boards and would hardly ever receive a response. Additionally, when I … / Read more »

Searching Secrets: Better Ways to Find a Job

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An article by contributor Eileen O’Shanassy. With the strengthening economy, job hunting is no longer the completely grueling experience it once was. However, landing a job can still be challenging, so if you’re currently searching for a new job, you’ll want to utilize some different methods, including, but not limited to the ones mentioned below. For the greatest likelihood of success make sure you vary your searches and spread your job hunting net wide. Tell Everyone You’re Looking This is one of the most consistently successful methods of finding a job, as not only are many available jobs never posted … / Read more »

How do I break into the HR industry?

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Arzu from Wilmington University asked: “I’m currently in graduate school earning a degree in Human Resource Management. I want to become an expert in the field; how do I secure a job in HR when I only have customer service and teaching experience from Europe?” Hi Arzu, I can speak from personal experience! What a great question. Changing careers or starting over can feel like a daunting task. However, with some effort and dedication you can change your career trajectory one opportunity at a time. According to the Department of Labor, human resource professionals need to be able to demonstrate … / Read more »

How Do I Market Myself Without a Career Goal?

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Erica from College of Saint Elizabeth asked: “I do not have a definite career goal. As a business major soon to graduate, I am just interested in exploring options. However, I still want to be able to market myself effectively in the job market and don’t want this to decrease my chances of landing a job. What do I do when a potential employer asks “what is your career goal?” Thanks for your question, Erica – I have been in your position and understand the challenge you are facing. When I was in college, I didn’t know exactly where I … / Read more »

Degree Programs That Really Make a Resume Stand Out

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Degree Programs

An article by contributor Brooke Chaplan. Finding a job can be quite a bit easier with the right resume. Certain degrees can also stand-out and grab the attention of human resource departments. New employment software packages work to target specific words including types of degrees, credentials, schools attended, and prior employers. Candidates with the following five degrees will fare much better than their peers, and you can use them to bolster you chances when looking into furthering your education. Computer Science This discipline has been around since the 1960s and with the surge in innovation and technology, it represents the … / Read more »