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Your 4-Year Plan: How To Take Advantage Of Your College Education

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An article by contributor Meghan Belnap. With the rising costs of college education and the increasing demand on student attention in the form of social and digital media, having a 4-Year plan is absolutely critical to take advantage of your college education. All too often, graduates are saddled with student debt and without suitable work. Some real-world skills are sadly missed or not studied by most new graduates, but it’s never too late to start taking advantage of your education, and laying the ground work for a career after graduation! Freshman Year: Orient Yourself, Work Hard and Socialize Most incoming freshman … / Read more »

How can I start my professional network?

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Erin from University of Texas at Dallas asked: “I’m getting ready to graduate in the spring, but haven’t found a job yet. People often find jobs by knowing someone who knows someone, but how can I meet people who would want to hire me when I’m still in school?” Thank you for your question, Erin! You’re right, having professional connections greatly enhances your job prospects. When you know-someone-who-knows-someone, there’s a certain level of validity and accountability attached to your name that you can’t achieve with a resume alone. It can be a daunting prospect to start your professional network, especially before … / Read more »

How Do I Find a Career in Human Resources?

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Glenda from Midwestern State University asked: “I have a Bachelors degree in Human Resource Management and a Masters degree in HR Management. However, I am having a challenging time finding a career in the field of Human Resources where I can use my education. What steps can I take to pursue an HR Position?” Thanks for your question, Glenda – Finding a career in Human Resources can be uniquely challenging. As an HR Graduate myself, I have first-hand knowledge of the barriers that can prevent someone from being hired into a role in this field. When I was searching for … / Read more »

5 Tips on How to Turn Law Firm Internships into a Job

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Law interns

An Article by contributor Patrick Watt. According to a study released in 2016 in the National Association for Law Placement, 95.3 percent of all summer interns at law firms are offered full-time employment. That also means that almost 5 percent of all the interns are not offered employment, which can be tough for anyone entering the workforce out of law school. If you are wondering how to get an internship at a law firm, you can ask at your law school or find local opportunities by searching online. Internship for law students is given during the second and third years … / Read more »

4 Fail-Proof Networking Tips to Move Your Job Hunt Forward

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4 Fail-Proof Networking Tips to Move your Job Hunt Forward

An article by contributor Brooke Chaplan. Looking for a new job is never fun, and can be frustrating process when you can’t turn up with the results you want. Traditional ways of looking for a job don’t seem to work as well as they used to, and knowing how to network with employers to get ahead can prove beneficial and increase your chances of landing the perfect job. Here are a few tips on how to network properly and get ahead of the competition. Visit the Establishment Visiting the place you would like to work at allows the employees and … / Read more »