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How Can I Land an Internship / Job at a Non-Profit with a Humanities Major?

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Bianca from San Francisco State University asked: “I am a Humanities major and I am having trouble narrowing down my career path. I am definitely interested in working in non-profit / philanthropic fields or anything community and education related, but am having trouble finding a field that hires humanities / liberal art graduates. What can I do?” Thanks for your question, Bianca.  I certainly appreciate how you feel about your lack of success in landing a job in your desired field.  It sounds like you are anxious to solidify your career plans and get your career started. Well, the good news … / Read more »

How do I begin volunteering?

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Latasha from Olympic College asked: “How do I get into the volunteer workforce?” Great question, Latasha!  We coaches often talk about the importance of volunteering as a way to give your resume that extra bump when your other experiences may be lacking. Paid or not, experience is experience and including volunteer work on your resume shows an employer that you have the drive, discipline and tested skills to be a great employee even without a paycheck. Volunteering can also be a great first step into the world of non-profit and philanthropic work, and volunteer positions can potentially turn into full-time … / Read more »

How to shift from one career path to another

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Anthony from Catholic University asked: After working in the private sector and deciding it is not for me, I am now targeting career opportunities in government, public service and the non-profit sector. How can I most effectively transition from the private sector to the public/non-profit sector? Hi Anthony, Changing career paths takes courage, so kudos to you for recognizing that private sector employment is not for you and refocusing your career in other areas. Change isn’t easy, but it can be very rewarding.  Here is my advice to you: Don’t jump from the frying pan into the fire You have … / Read more »

How to Choose a Specialization for Your Business Career

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An article by UK-based contributor Sam Gatt Business degrees are a popular choice. They’re versatile and can open up many different opportunities for you after graduation, whether in business or another field. But some people might discover that Business degrees are a bit too versatile, and they don’t know what to specialize in once they’ve gained their degree. There are many different specializations to choose from. These include project management, e-commerce, human resources and many more. So how do you narrow it down and choose an area that’s right for you? First, you should ask yourself some questions about the sort … / Read more »