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5 Certificates that Can Get You a Great Job

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An article by contributor Hannah Thomas. Even as a student, improving your skills and constantly being in the loop with all the novelties and updates of your future profession is responsible and commendable behaviour. With the knowledge you gain at the university sometimes it’s required to have a certificate so you can prove how much you have invested in yourself and the field of interest. Also, the certificates will enable you to apply for better positions or job ads. But not all certificates are so influential, and some can even be considered obsolete. In order to choose the right ones, … / Read more »

How to Choose a Specialization for Your Business Career

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An article by UK-based contributor Sam Gatt Business degrees are a popular choice. They’re versatile and can open up many different opportunities for you after graduation, whether in business or another field. But some people might discover that Business degrees are a bit too versatile, and they don’t know what to specialize in once they’ve gained their degree. There are many different specializations to choose from. These include project management, e-commerce, human resources and many more. So how do you narrow it down and choose an area that’s right for you? First, you should ask yourself some questions about the sort … / Read more »