I need help with my resume. Where do I start?

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Angelique from Olympic College asked: 

I am having trouble writing my  resume. I did some volunteer work during my senior year in high school, and got my first real job job as a  team member at Little Caesar’s. Presently, I am sales representative, but I need extra income, so I am looking for a new job.  Where do I start with my resume?

Hi Angelique –

There are many resources available to you when it comes to creating your resume.

First, touch base with your college’s Career Center.

They have staff, information and resources to assist you, so don’t overlook their advice and assistance!

Next, check out the resume resources available on TheCampusCareerCoach.

We have a Resume Writing Handout with helpful information and advice and a  Resume Gallery with many different example resumes.

Then, check out some the of the other  Ask the Coach – Answers related to resumes.

I get a lot of questions about resumes!  It’s a popular topic.  Just go to the Resume Advice Tag, and you will see three recent responses.

Finally, get to work on that resume!

You did volunteer work in high school, so you have some experience.  Your worked as at Team Member at Little Caesar’s and you are currently a sales rep, so you have a variety of experience.  You are also in college, so you are getting and education and holding down a job; which shows you can handle multiple responsibilities at the same time.

You clearly have a lot to offer, but there is the catch:  You have to help employers understand you.  Employers will never know what you have to offer or what kinds of opportunities you want unless you do an effective job of telling them – and that starts with your resume.

Good luck,

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