How do I show my education from another country on my US resume?

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resumeAna from El Paso Community College asked: 

I live along the border with Mexico and have previous university education in Mexico. but I am not really sure how to input that information into my resume. I know they list education differently on resumes in Mexico. How should I list my education in Mexico (degrees completed and just classes take) on my US resume?

Hi Ana –

Thanks for your question.

When you are crafting a resume the first thing you need to consider is your target audience:

Who do you want to read your resume and how can you make your qualifications and credentials as accessible to them as possible?

If you are in the US and you are interested in working in the US, your target audience (US employers) has a clear frame of reference when it comes to resumes – US resumes and the US employment market.  Speak to them in their language, literally and figuratively.

When you are listing a degree you received from a university in another country on your US resume, provided the US/English language equivalent of the degree and the institution  along with the degree and institution  in the original language.  For example:

Bachelor of Engineering in Renewable Energy (La Licenciatura de Ingeniería en Energías Renovables – LIER), May 2012
National Autonomous University of Mexico (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México – UNAM)

If you have just taken some coursework in a specific field, just list that coursework and the school where you studied and include the period of time you studied there.

Remember, the goal with your resume is to present your relevant qualifications in a meaningful way.

Hope this helps,


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2 responses to “How do I show my education from another country on my US resume?”

  1. Ana says:

    Thanks a lot, really helpful!

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