Do career centers verify the legitimacy of employers that post jobs to their systems?

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InspectionEverett from Robert Morris University asked:

When prospective job leads come into career centers and are forwarded on to students, are the companies verified for legitimacy?

Hi Everett –

Yes, by and large most university career center (dare I say all?) do review postings submitted to their online job boards in an effort to prevent  scams and other kinds of illegitimate opportunities from getting through to their students.

That said, they make no guarantees!

You – as the job seeker – bear most of the  responsibility to evaluate jobs and internships before you apply.  I just blogged about this very topic:

Caveat Emptor – Let the Job Seeker Beware!

How do career centers evaluate employers and job postings?

Most college and university career centers belong to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) and/or one of the regional Associations of Colleges and Employers (EACE, SoACE, MWACE and MPACE).

NACE has Principles for Professional Practice that career centers and recruiters who belong to NACE agree to follow.

Usually, career centers require employers to agree that they will abide by these NACE Principles, their University’s employment polices and Equal Employment Opportunity laws when they create accounts and post positions. The University of Texas at Austin has some very clear Recruiter Guidelines that are a good example of the policies universities use to screen employers and postings.

If employers won’t agree to abide by the guidelines, they aren’t allowed to create an account or post opportunities.

Career centers also often review company websites and physical addresses and recruiter email addresses to confirm legitimacy, but that is about as far as they can go. So, most career centers have a disclaimer stating that they do not specifically endorse any of the employers or postings in their systems.

Here is  good rule of thumb to follow:   The more formal the process you school has for processing job postings, the better chance they have controls in place to evaluate the postings.  The more informal the process, the less likely that employers and postings are vetted consistently for legitimacy.

Happy hunting!


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