What can I do with a Bachelor’s in Liberal Studies?

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hcwhAlycia at Viterbo University asked:

What type of career path I should take when I graduate in December? I started off as a Nursing major but that didn’t work out for me, so I switched my major to Liberal Studies. I would love to work in healthcare or something along those lines, but I am not sure how this degree fits within the healthcare industry. So, I am asking you if you could offer me any help – What can I do with a Bachelor’s in Liberal Studies?

Hi Alycia –

If you are really interested in working in or around the healthcare industry, and you are not pursuing degree that is specific to healthcare,  you still have a lot of options.

The healthcare industry is just that – an industry that focuses on healthcare.  There are lots of industries;  High Technology, Hospitality, Transportation, Social Services, and Education, just to name a few.

No everyone who works in those industries is an industry expert.  Many work in support and ancillary services areas.

Look at any college or university.  There are many people who teach, but there are many more who do everything from accounting,  housing, and student activities management, to accounting, human resources and information technology.

Look at non-profits, social service agencies and other “helping profession” industries.  Not everyone who works for these organizations provides direct service or care.  Some people manage people and services, plan events and programs or manage finances, while other raise money,  build awareness or educate.

The key message here is simple:

Don’t define yourself by your college degree!

If you have an accounting degree, you can call yourself an accountant. If you have an engineering degree, you can call yourself an engineer.  If you have a nursing  degree, you can call yourself a nurse.  If have a liberal studies degree . . . . . you can’t define yourself by your degree.  The good news is that your degree leaves you a lot of options.  The bad news is that it doesn’t offer you much career direction.  You have to provide that direction yourself.  I recommend you seek the assistance of the career advisors at your college.  They will probably have some good suggestions, as well.

Also, check out a couple of my other recent blog posts answering similar questions;

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Explore your options!

Use the internet to explore the world of possibilities you might consider. Following are the healthcare industry links from our Resource Links page.  Consider this an exploration starting point.  The world of opportunity is much bigger than what you will find on Monster or CareerBuilder.  Don’t get me wrong – they are both valuable resources, but they are not comprehensive, all-inclusive or focused.

Healthcare Resources

America’s Health Care Source
Audiologist Jobs
Careers in Military Audiology
National Library of Medicine FAQ: Medical & Health Care Education and Career Information
Therapy Jobs

I hope these ideas and suggestions help get you started.

Good luck!


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