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How to Set Up a Career in Real Estate While You’re Still in College

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An article by contributor Eileen O’Shanassy. When you’re in college, it is the time to focus on planning and preparing for your future. Your education will help you to earn the income you’d like and prepare you for the career of your dreams. If you are interested in real estate, it’s important to take steps to get informed about real estate investing, selling, and marketing. Understand that you can make all of these things happen while you’re still in college. To achieve monumental success, consider these five ways you can set yourself up for your future career in real estate. … / Read more »

Investment Profession: 5 Keys to Starting a Career in Real Estate

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An article by contributor Dixie Somers. A career in real estate can be financially and emotionally rewarding. You can help people find their new homes and spaces that suit their needs perfectly. However, getting started in this field is not as easy as you might think. Before you make the switch, here is what you should know about being a realtor. 1) It’s All About the Work Realtors do receive a handsome commission when they sell a home, but that’s only after a good deal of work. Successful realtors engage regularly in sales, they network and treat their career like their … / Read more »

How to Become a Real Estate Developer: Career Path Guide

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A successful real estate developer must be able to recognize opportunities for making money as well as predicting trends in the housing market. They’ll purchase real estate, make improvements to the existing structures or build new ones and sell the property at a profit. Day in the Life of a Real Estate Developer A real estate developer will select a site for new construction or renovate a residential, commercial or industrial structure that already exists. He or she will secure the money needed for the project, which normally comes out of their own pocket or with the help of investors … / Read more »

5 Confessions on Becoming a Real Estate Agent

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An article by contributor Alicia Hill. Get your real estate license online is not always easy Many people have to take the test multiple times before they pass. The more educated you are and more prepared you are will make the test easier, however, you should know that getting into real estate through online classes will take a lot of effort and time. It will also not come cheap to get your license. Online schools typically start at a few hundred dollars, while online schools can be in the thousands. The exam cost can vary but will likely be around … / Read more »

8 clear signs you will be a great real estate agent

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Real estate can be a great career choice – from keeping in touch with lots of people to preparing properties for sale, real estate agents enjoy a vibrant and dynamic lives. They’re often creative and always love to socialize – but at the same time they possess analytical skills to help them quickly assess property value and situate it in the market. Did you feel your heart skip a bit when reading this description? Perhaps you’re a real estate agent in the making – here are 8 telltale signs that this might be a career for you. 1. You’re an … / Read more »