Is it okay to apply for multiple jobs with the same company?

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RNMarie from Barry University asked: 

Is okay to apply for multiple jobs within the same corporation?  

I am a registered nurse looking for a job within an hospital. Frequently, single corporations own many hospitals. I want to apply for as many jobs as I can, but I don’t want to look desperate.

Hi Marie –

In a word – YES!

It is okay to apply for multiple jobs within the same corporation.  Just don’t take a shotgun approach to applying.

#1. Prior to applying for any job, make sure you are a viable candidate

That might sound pretty obvious, but I have reviewed a lot of applications from candidates who clearly did not read the position description prior to applying.

Once, when hiring to fill a position on my staff, I asked candidates applying to use their cover letter to tell me how their qualifications matched those called for in the job description. I actually received a cover letter that said:

My qualifications are what qualify me for this this position.

Guess who didn’t get an interview? When an employer reviews your application they should not have a difficult time matching your qualifications with the qualifications they are seeking in candidates.

If your primary qualification is that you need a job; you are probably not going to get an interview.  If your primary qualifications align well with the qualifications sought for multiple jobs within a company, apply for those jobs.

#2. Apply for all jobs for which you are a viable candidate

And, don’t be lazy about it.  Each opportunity is unique, so treat it as such. In most instances, the same person is not reviewing all applications – particularly in large organizations.  A Human Resources Clerk (or a computer program) may do some initial sorting and vetting of applications to weed out the non-qualifiers, but hiring managers will make the final decisions about who they interview and hire.

#3. No one expects you to apply for jobs one at a time

Competition is a good thing.  Let employers compete for your services.  Let departments within the same company compete for your services.  Let different hospitals owned by the same parent company compete for your services.

Your goal is to give yourself as many viable options as you can.  Their goal is to find the very best candidates they can.  These goals are compatible!

When in doubt, refer back to #1

Applying  for multiple jobs for which you are qualified is not viewed as a bad thing by employers.  Indiscriminately applying for jobs  is.

You are a Registered Nurse.  Registered Nurses are in great demand in most markets across the US. Chances are, the hospital that gets you will be lucky.

My advice to you: Talk to as many people working in these different environments as you can. Get some first hand information on the different hospital cultures.

When the job offers start coming in, you want to be able to make the most informed decision possible and that kind of first-person advice will be invaluable.

Good Luck!


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