Six Career Resolutions for 2014

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new yearI resolve to . . . .

How will you finish that sentence this year? The new year offers the opportunity for new beginnings in all areas of life. As you ponder possible new year’s resolutions, consider the following six. They’re not complicated, but they are bold, and they are all possible.

Be content

Appreciate what you have. Take satisfaction in what you achieve on a daily basis. Take pride in your accomplishments. Be content.

Move forward

Be content, but don’t be complacent.  Know that you can always do something to enhance your skills; to increase your knowledge.  Ask yourself:  “How is what I am doing right now helping me prepare for what I might do next?” Don’t dwell on past failures or hold onto past successes any more than is warranted to appreciate what you learned from both. Use that knowledge to move forward.

Be realistic

Don’t delude yourself with unattainable short-term goals.  Be honest with yourself about what you can accomplish right now, and set achievable short-term goals.  Build upon achievable short term goals as you strive toward bigger, long-term goals. Celebrate the little victories along the way, and life will be a lot more fulfilling.


Resolve to do better – every day!  Regardless of what you did yesterday, you can do better today.  Sometimes that improvement is small; sometimes it is great.  You will never know everything there is to know.  Every day gives you opportunities to learn something new; to discover something of which you were not aware; to improve.

Pay it forward

No matter how successful you might be, you didn’t achieve that success alone.  Your learned from others, benefited from their efforts and assistance, grew through their encouragement and advice. Others have helped you. Pay it forward. Help others.

Make a difference

Don’t just earn a pay check.  Don’t just put in your time.  Don’t just “mail it in” at work or in your family.  What ever you do, do it well.  Whether you are the head of a company, one of many people doing the exact same job in relative anonymity, or an artist or entrepreneur trying to carve your own path, you can make a difference.  What you do and how you do it impacts those around you.  In all that you do, seek to make a positive difference.  Leave your mark and be proud of the mark you leave.

Life is not as complicated as we make it!

I am not saying life is easy!  Far from it. Life can be exceptionally challenging, but it doesn’t have to be as complicated as we often make it.

If we can learn to be content with what we have and always strive to move forward in our lives and careers.  If we can be realistic in our expectations but always looking to improve and set new expectations.  If we remember to help others in the same way we have been (and continue to be) helped.  If we try to make a difference – big or small – on a daily basis.  If we do these things, life becomes a lot less complicated and a lot more fulfilling.

Have a very happy new year and do great things (big and small) in 2014!


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