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How do I break into the HR industry?

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Arzu from Wilmington University asked: “I’m currently in graduate school earning a degree in Human Resource Management. I want to become an expert in the field; how do I secure a job in HR when I only have customer service and teaching experience from Europe?” Hi Arzu, I can speak from personal experience! What a great question. Changing careers or starting over can feel like a daunting task. However, with some effort and dedication you can change your career trajectory one opportunity at a time. According to the Department of Labor, human resource professionals need to be able to demonstrate … / Read more »

Should I change careers?

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Katie from the University of West Florida asked: “I will have my Master’s degree in I/O psychology soon. I’m looking for a career change into massage or cosmetology school since I have lost interest in the Human Resources field. I have done projects, internships, and some of my job experience is related to HR, but my passion for the field has definitely been reduced. I would like a more creative field, somewhat less stressful, and less paperwork oriented. I want to be able to help people feel better about themselves, but I’m scared that this will be a bad decision.” Thanks for your … / Read more »

How can my military background help me find a civilian career?

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Michael from Austin Peay State University asked: “How do I create a resume for Public Management when I do not have any work experience in this field? I earned a degree in this field, but my professional experience only consist of nine years in the United States Army.” Thanks for your question, John. All you have done is serve in the U.S. Army for nine years; that’s an understatement! You have developed people skills, procedural skills and technical skills that you need to highlight on your resume as you search for jobs in public management. It will be challenging, but with a customized … / Read more »

When should I include volunteer experience on my resume?

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Nora from the Keller Graduate School of Management asked: “I was wondering when it is important to include a “Volunteer Experience” section in your resume?  I have 5+ years of experience in my field and already have 2 pages of content on my resume. When would an employer find volunteer work relevant?” Hi Nora, what a great topic to explore. Thank you for your question. Your resume is designed to get you an interview. If your volunteer experience is not relevant to your career goal, you do not need to include a volunteer section. However, adding a volunteer section will … / Read more »

I’m a non-traditional student and my last job was 10 years ago; what information should I include in my resume?

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Anna from University of Houston asked: “I’m a non-traditional student and don’t have any current work experience since I last worked over 10 years ago. What can I include on my resume to cover this gap in my work history?” Thank you for your question, Anna. Being out of the workforce for a while can be difficult when creating your resume. Although you will have gaps, all is not lost. You are a current student, learning the latest and greatest, so constructing a resume that highlights your recent skills is key. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 71 percent … / Read more »