Crime Fighters: 5 College Degrees that will Help you Pursue a Career in Criminal Justice

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criminal justiceAn article by Ohio based contributor Lizzie Weakley.

There are many majors one can study before entering the criminal justice field. The justice system requires people who have a strong understanding of why crimes occur, how they can be solved, and the passion to serve their communities.

Criminal Justice

The criminal justice major learns a wide range of topics from the way justice functions at the federal, state, and local levels to gaining a better understanding of how to balance the rights of the individual with the needs of society. At schools like ASA College, students of criminal justice will gain a thorough ability to apply their theoretical knowledge and realize how their work will directly impact and serve their communities.


Psychology is the study of human behavior. Students who major in psychology will learn about the positive and negative aspects of human thinking and behavior, which is crucial for success in the criminal justice field. Those who hunt down criminals need to know how they think in order to remain one step ahead, making this a popular area of study for students interested in a criminal justice career.

Information Technology

The digital age has created a digital underworld of crimes conducted through the internet and computers. As a result, knowledge of information technology is very beneficial for new hires in police departments, security companies, and almost any other criminal justice position. Almost every criminal justice company and agency needs people with an IT background in order to track criminals, research cyber-crimes, and keep communities safe.


A paralegal degree usually requires one or two years of study. Paralegal graduates study the precise application of the law and how the government charges and sentences criminals. Many paralegals enter the criminal justice field working for lawyers and judges or use their major as a stepping stone towards a law or justice degree.

Research Methods

Research Methods is a field of study focused on conducting research and tests, crunching numbers, and applying the statistical analysis into real world situations. Those who have a love for math, science or research can study research methods then apply their skills to understanding the causes for criminal behavior, solving crimes, and working in other key areas of the justice system.

The criminal justice field requires people with a wide range of talents. These five majors all provide people who can serve different needs and aspects of that field, depending on an individual’s interests and skills.

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