5 High-Paying Medical Careers you’ve Never Heard Of

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Many people are graduating from college with high debt and no job in sight. However, there are a few niche fields in health care that are always looking for trained people. Here are five high paying health care careers that you have probably never even heard of.

Anesthesiology Assistant

Because we are not conscious during most surgeries, many people do not realize that anesthesiology assistants even exist. These workers assist the anesthesiologist in maintaining safe and adequate anesthesia. The training includes a two year program after the student has earned a bachelor’s degree, but don’t let the amount of schooling scare you. Most programs have a 100% placement rate with starting salaries averaging between $95,000 to $120,000 per year.


These practitioners specialize in hearing and are becoming even more important as the Baby Boomer generation reaches an age where hearing assistance is needed. Not only is the pay for this job high, the work is rewarding. On top of a high starting salary, an audiologist gets the satisfaction of helping others to communicate.

Biomedical Technician

Medical technologies are taking over hospitals and clinics. These technologies require maintenance. Biomedical technicians handle maintenance, repair, installation, and a variety of other duties needed for optimal function of the machines that power health care. 

Disaster Medical Specialist

When disaster strikes, a disaster medical specialist is called in to determine quickly how to best meet the needs of a large number of injured people with the existing infrastructure and staff. Many of these specialists are employed by private businesses such as 911 Industrial Response Inc, as well as hospitals, the military, and government agencies. The average salary is $101,000, making this one of the highest paid careers in health care.

Medical Librarian

Hospitals, medical schools, and a variety of health care businesses maintain a medical library for staff and physicians to use. Larger facilities hire medical librarians to manage this library. If you love health care and love being surrounded by books, this might be your dream job. Pay starts at over $40,000 and increases with education and experience.

If you are looking for a rewarding and high paying medical career, there are many lesser-known fields of medicine that are always hiring. Health care is growing as a field and is predicted to continue doing so in the future, so these careers are a good bet for your future.

About the Author: Erika Remmington is a recent graduate of the University of California, Berkeley in linguistics with a minor in business. She is a wife, new mother, avid rock climber, and an independent free lance writer.

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