5 Tips for Success in a Cosmetology School

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An article by contributor Dixie Somers.

If you’ve decided on cosmetology as a career path, you may have many questions about attending a school, but it’s an important first step. There are 70,500 new job openings expected in the next few years. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn the trade from experienced professionals. The quality of the education you receive is very much dependent on the focus and effort you put into it. Here are some tips for getting the most from cosmetology school to advance your skills and knowledge.

Attend Every Class

While higher priorities, accidents, or illness may come up from time to time, plan your schedule for making every class you possibly can. For every class you skip, you’re not only limiting your knowledge, but wasting your own time and money. Missing classes may increase the time it takes to complete your training and get started in your career. Too many missed classes could also negatively impact any financial aid you receive. Also, don’t pass over the chance to attend fashion shows, competitions, and similar school activities as these can be great for learning tips and networking in the industry.

Be Eager to Learn

Learning cosmetology is a hands-on experience, so you should always have the tools and books you need. A lack of either can leave you without the knowledge or confidence you need. The attitude you bring to classes can also affect what you get in return. Be attentive and accept that you have many things to learn. Don’t be hesitant or embarrassed about asking questions if there’s something you’re not clear on. Even if you’re already confident in your skill in some area, ask for more information if a question comes to you. Additional information or insights are always a benefit to you and everyone else in the class.

Constant Participation

Hands-on learning is more effective for learning and retaining information. Remember that your particular talents are going to be applied directly to real people. Over the course of your career, or even training, you’ll find that some of your subjects may be irritable, demanding, or sensitive, but all of them are expecting great results. Depending on your body type and personality, you may have to learn proper movements or engaging dialogue that can make difficult situations more pleasant and productive. Learning how to apply your trade for the best client experience only comes with lots of practice.

Study and Practice

You should also take advantage of every opportunity outside of class to get in more study and experience. Don’t limit yourself to what’s being taught in class. Check out fashion and beauty magazines, watch instructional videos on YouTube and other sites, and check out articles on fashion and beauty blogs. As a full-time cosmetologist, you’ll be expected to know the latest trends, and be familiar with the products and supplements people will be curious about, such as those from Nu Skin. Be sure to ask your family and friends if you can practice your skills on them.

Make Friends

Cosmetology school can also be a great chance to make personal connections. Making friends with your classmates can provide many advantages. You could find study partners to help each other learn and to practice, whether it’s hair styles, makeup, or nails. Having good friends among your peers will also make your classes more enjoyable and your experiences more positive. As you finish your training, you may also be able to discover leads on job openings and career advice. This is an advantage that can help you get a jumpstart on your career, if only you can form strong bonds with your peers as early as possible.

You’ve embarked on a career path that can provide you job security and plenty of rewarding experiences. One day you might open your own salon, but the first step is always completing cosmetology school with as many skills and as much knowledge as possible.

Dixie Somers is a freelance writer and blogger for business, home, and family niches. Dixie lives in Phoenix, Arizona, and is the proud mother of three beautiful girls and wife to a wonderful husband. You can follower her on Twitter @DixieSomers.

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