5 Unusual But Fascinating Jobs

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An article by UK-based contributor Sam Gatt

If you are graduating this year, you might worry about what jobs lie ahead of you. Usually,your degree is the foundation of your new skill set. You can use your college education as a stepping stone towards bigger and better things. Few people realize the wealth of opportunities that lie before them, and you don’t have to go into a career just because it suits your degree. There are many entry level jobs you might want to consider. You can learn new skills and get a unique job.

Here to broaden your mind are five unusual but fascinating jobs:

#1 Snake Milker

As you might imagine, snake milking is not the safest job in the entire world. In fact, it can be quite dangerous if you don’t get the proper training before you start. When a poisonous snake bites someone, doctors give them an anti-venom, which can help to slow down or stop the reaction. There is just one problem – you need the venom from the snake to make the antidote. That is where snake milking comes in. You would have to extract the venom from the fangs of deadly snakes. Of course, this role is not for the weak. You would need a degree in zoology to pursue this career. Failing that, you could start volunteering at a reptile house.

sherlock#2 Private Detective

You might think that private detectives are fictional characters. The likes of Sherlock Holmes springs to mind. In fact, these days many people need detectives to help them in their day to day life. After first assessing each case, you would need to get to work finding out all the information available to you. It would be your job to investigate each case as you get it. You could work for a large company or as an independent person. A high level of intelligence and organization is necessary for this role.

#3 Children’s Party Planner

These days, people don’t just want a kids’ party in their yard – they want an extravaganza for their little ones. That is where you come into the equation. Parents will pay top dollar to have an individual plan their child’s party for them. You don’t need an official qualification to start a party planning company, but there are courses you can take online. You might have to start by giving your services for free so that you can build up a portfolio of work to show potential clients. Once you can prove that you know how to plan a fantastic party, people will start to trust you.

#4 Professional Mourner

In some East Asian countries, the bigger the funeral, the better. People pride themselves on hosting the largest funeral for their deceased relative. There are even professional mourners who they can hire to attend the ceremony. These people make a massive show of their sorrow by crying at the event. Despite not knowing the person who has died, they weep and yell to show others how sad the event is.

#5 Pet Food Tester

You might have already heard this rumor, but whenever a company brings out pet food, they have to test it on humans first. By law, all pet food has to be safe for people to eat. That means that they hire independent workers to act as test subjects. You can get a lot of money for this role because so few people want to do it. You would have to try every pet food out there and keep a log of your results. After the trial, the company would need to contact you and get feedback to see whether you had a reaction to the food.

So, there you have it – five jobs that you would never have considered before now. These roles are just the tip of the iceberg so get searching and see what jobs you can find.


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