5 Appealing Careers Related to Interior Design

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An Article by contributor Alicia Hill.

Interior designers study the core principles of design and the history of trends in the industrial, residential, and commercial interior design space. These professionals use this knowledge to create beautiful and exciting interior spaces.

However, not everyone who graduates with a degree in interior design becomes an interior designer. There are so many careers related to interior design that you can choose from. So, do you have a degree in interior design? Here are some of the top careers in architecture and interior design that you should consider.

Industrial Designer

Industrial designers are usually concerned with the design of a wide range of useful products, tools, fixtures, and even furniture. Industrial designers play a critical role in the manufacturing process since they must select existing products or commission custom products to be used in spaces that they are responsible for.

Interior designer who chooses to become an industrial designer must possess a strong knowledge of materials and the engineering process to succeed.

Interior and Spatial Designer

A career in interior and spatial design usually combines architectural knowledge, creative design skills, and project management skills. This is among the top jobs in the interior design field that involve the design or renovation of internal spaces including furnishings, structural alterations, fixtures, and fittings. These days, interior and spatial designers should be more data-driven than before when making decisions about the elements that would be best suited to a particular space.

Interior and spatial designers work in a wide range of commercial, domestic, and leisure settings. The average salary for a junior interior and spatial designer ranges between $34,000 and $48,864.

However, the salary may vary widely depending on your location, reputation, and contacts. It is quite easy to command much higher earnings if you are experienced and involved in high-profile projects.

Furniture Designer

Furniture designing is among the highly-rated interior design related careers. This is a more specialised part of interior design that requires you to work with both the client and other suppliers.

When working with your client, you may be required to arrange furniture at their offices, houses, showrooms, or other areas to ensure that the available space is used optimally to bring out the desired theme.

You will also work with your customer’s suppliers such as carpenters and guide them on what decorations and specific designs that they need to incorporate in the furniture to portray what your client prefers.

Visual Merchandiser

This is another option that you need to consider when it comes to careers in the interior design field. The primary role of a visual merchandiser is to increase a brand’s sales by ensuring that their shop looks incredible.

A visual merchandiser is an interior designer for a shop and their products. He/she will ensure that the store’s overall layout communicates the brand’s message to existing and potential clients. This is just one way that technology has impacted on interior design.

Experts say that big data will have an impact on the traditional interior space design and more careers such as this one will crop up. Visual merchandisers are the brains behind the visually appealing stores, especially during the Christmas holiday season. The average starting salary of a visual merchandiser is anything between $27,000 and $37,167 per year.

Home Stager

Home staging offers interior designers with a unique platform where they can utilise a wide range of their skills. The primary function of home stagers is to prepare model homes and private properties that are about to go on the market.

Home stagers ensure that the home is well-furnished and appealing in the eyes of potential buyers. The home staging expert must find creative ways of rearranging the existing furniture and decorating the interior spaces to make it as attractive and inviting as possible.

The work that the home staging professional can have a significant impact on the selling price of the house. There are a lot of real estate agents out there who are willing to pay for experienced home stagers who have a proven record of excellent work.

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