7 Key Skills to Launch the Perfect Digital Marketing Career

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An Article by contributor Gigi Wara.

How do you know the skills that matter most to a digital marketer? The answer to that question lies in the published research on the most effective digital marketing tactics. A quick look at one of the studies shows that it is hard to separate the following digital marketing efforts:

  • Social media
  • Content marketing
  • Use of marketing technology
  • Search Engine Optimization SEO
  • Email marketing
  • Search and social ads
  • Data management

These tactics form the core of digital marketing. Here are the seven skills required for digital marketing journey.

1. Social Media Marketing Skills

Research shows that there are over 3 billion social media users. In most countries, at least half of the people have social media accounts. Knowing Facebook advertising is not enough. There are many other channels online including Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and others.

Social media marketing is an art that starts with attracting likes and a community of followers. To do that, you need witty content, visual magnets, viral content, and an ever-present jest.

2. Content Marketing Skills (Development and Promotion)

Digital marketing hinges mainly on content. Virtually every aspect of digital marketing relies on content to succeed. To get YouTube subscribers, you need quality content. The same case applies to Twitter followers, Facebook likes and followers, and other social media networks.

You must have skills in planning and coordination of the development process. Content is not easy to master because it spans over 10 industries from videography, photography, copywriting, design, graphics, art, programming, and even architecture. You need the creativity to visualize and explain your vision to the people capable of bringing the dream into reality.

3. Digital Marketing Technology

As a digital marketer, you have to interact with the latest digital marketing technologies. Your ability to learn and utilize them will be paramount, which makes this capability one of the digital marketing key skills. One must be aware of visual manipulation tools, video editing programs, proofreading and editing tools for texts, plagiarism checkers, and such things.

One must also understand the implications of artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality, and other notable trends.

4. Search Engine Optimization and Local-SEO

About 80% of buying decisions start online. Majority of the people rely on the search engine, which is a product of search engine optimization. A digital marketer must understand this one deeply because it is the most important ranking factor for websites, videos, social media, and blogs. It feeds into the company websites. It also feeds into the email marketing tools search as email lists, paid subscriptions, personalization, and targeting.

Understanding local search and keyword strategy is imperative for successful web-based marketing efforts. SEO is top of the digital marketing skills list for most hiring companies and one of the key functions of digital marketing. Keyword research is also one of the core skills in digital marketing.

5. Email Marketing

Research says that email marketing is an effective marketing strategy. However, its success is down to the currency of the email list, segmentation of the people, and personalization. These items are on top of email content and timing of the email campaigns.

Someone must understand the privacy of a personal email to avoid ending up in the spam folder. Knowledge of email latency will also come in handy.

6. Data Management and Analysis

The 21st century is the age of many things including the age of automation and information. The latter is the most significant for a marketer while the former is closing in quite fast. A digital marketer must make data-backed decisions.

For example, the decision to do mobile optimization for a site is down to the changing trends in how people access websites. People are increasingly using their smartphones instead of computers.

There is no excuse for not relying on data because there are enough data manipulation tools that can help a marketer understand his or her marketing environment.

7. People Skills

Though automation is playing a significant role in digital marketing, the human touch is still paramount. Chatbots and automated campaigns can help with mass targeting, but they cannot personalize responses and interactions.

Digital marketing goes hand in hand with customer service and relationship management. That spontaneous response to a tweet or a Facebook post can pacify an angry customer. Astute digital media marketers must have excellent communication skills, be social, be enlightened, and strive to be helpful.

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Digital marketing is quite effective at delivering results. It is also very cost effective when used correctly. Armed with these digital marketing skills, you can begin your marketing journey.

Gigi Wara is an inspired writer who loves writing about language and acquisition, career building and education-related stories in general. She recently works with Noria, a digital marketing agency based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Connect to Gigi via Twitter @GGRarekind.

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