8 clear signs you will be a great real estate agent

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Real Estate Agent CoupleReal estate can be a great career choice – from keeping in touch with lots of people to preparing properties for sale, real estate agents enjoy a vibrant and dynamic lives. They’re often creative and always love to socialize – but at the same time they possess analytical skills to help them quickly assess property value and situate it in the market. Did you feel your heart skip a bit when reading this description? Perhaps you’re a real estate agent in the making – here are 8 telltale signs that this might be a career for you.

1. You’re an ambitious individualist

If you fantasize about your future career in terms of running your own business, closing great deals and building your venture, you’re probably a highly ambitious person with eyes set on individual success. That’s a great material for a real estate agent.

2. You’re very aware of your surroundings

Walking down the street, you often catch yourself looking at buildings surrounding you and seeing all the changes that happen in your neighborhood. Funny thing is – most of your friends fail to see them so they are always surprised when you point them out. You always note interesting development opportunities – like an abandoned warehouse that could be just perfect for a loft condo. You know your way around your city and can tell how districts changed and will change in the future.

3. You love architecture or interior decor

When someone mentions architecture, your eyes light up. You can talk for hours about recent architectural marvels, the tallest and most luxurious buildings or incredibly high prices per square foot. When you’re not doing that, you devour home decoration programs that show some of the most amazing interiors across the globe.

4. You have an eye for details and great memory

You know all the historical details of the buildings in your city – who owned them, how  they rebuilt them, how much they were worth. You’re passionate about your environment and often surprise your friends with interesting and humorous anecdotes about your surrounding.

5. You follow the developer market

You keep tabs on what’s happening in the developer market – who bought which property, what they are planning to do with it, what the major investments in your area are and more. You can spend hours on forums and news websites that recount those stories and never get enough.

6. You’re deep into your local real estate market

You know and keep in touch with real estate agents in your area who dish out lots of key information about property prices in the local market. You can tell the district by price per square meter and you love to discuss new developments on the market

7. An address is enough for you to identify major buildings in your city

Has it ever happened to you that one of your friends could not tell what the address of the post office was? Well, that’s not you. You know your city like the back of your hand – all major landmarks, important buildings, new additions and refurbished properties are your passion. All you need is an address and you’re ready to present all the key details of the building – its history, architectural style and role in the city’s development.Real Estate Agent

8. You’re a killer networker

This is the most telling sign that you’re ready to take the real estate market by storm. You have an extremely busy schedule and are always on your way to meet someone for breakfasts, lunches, cocktails or dinners. Interestingly – you are never tired of it. You regularly host meetings with real estate agents you befriended a while ago. When there’s an expensive real estate event going on, you’ll always find a way to enter it for free and mingle with the real estate crowd. The bottom line is – you are a people person and you love it.

Real estate is something more than a career – it’s a passion that drives young people to memorize the map of their city and play an active role in the shaping of its panorama.

Tamara Smith is an experienced Content Marketing Specialist working for For Sale For Lease. In her spare time she can be seen reading interior and decoration magazines and planning yet another change in her house.

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