The Eternal Student – The Best Academic Careers to Aid you in Life-Long Learning

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The Eternal Student  The Best Careers in Academics to Aid you in Life Long LearningFor those who love to learn, academic careers provide opportunities for life-long learning. In addition to always learning new things from students, these positions encourage and even require continuing education, much of it paid for by employers.

Nursing Instructor

The median salary is $57.802. One academic career that guarantees lifelong learning is teaching within the medical field. The median salary for a nursing instructor is $57.802. A bachelor’s degree in nursing and a current nursing license are required as well as a minimum of three years of experience as either a registered or licensed vocational nurse. The necessity of keeping abreast of current research and methodology, new drugs being introduced, and new medical discoveries is essential in this field.

IT Instructor

It has been said that technology is progressing at such a rapid pace that the knowledge learned in college classes can be obsolete before graduation. That makes choosing a career in the information technology field a lifelong learning experience. The average national salary for IT instructors is $47.845. You can see the salaries of other related academic information technology careers here. Continuing education courses help instructors keep up with new systems, tools, ideas and practices. The minimum requirements for teaching in the field are a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a specialty area combined with 2-4 years of experience.

Elementary and High School Teachers

In addition to a bachelor’s degree and state certification, teachers are required to complete continuing education courses regularly to retain their teaching licenses. The national average starting salary for teachers is $36,141. You can see the starting salaries for each state here. The No Child Left Behind Act has increased the educational requirements in many states. Most states have expanded their continuing education programs as a result, with the dual goals of creating retaining knowledgeable, well-trained teachers.

ESL Instructor

The large number of recent immigrants has created a bigger need than ever for ESL instructors. Salaries in the field range from $26,000 to $70,000, with a national average of $39.987. A bachelor’s or master’s degree with an emphasis on education and state certification is required. Additional coursework which focuses on specific age groups of learners may also be required. Many ESL instructors find cultural education courses helpful in relating with their students.

If you find joy in learning and want to continue to learn throughout your professional life, one of these careers might be perfect for you.

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