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Although it may not appear to be at first glance, IT infrastructure is like any other type of infrastructure — especially when it comes to having qualified professionals to keep it running. Today’s increasingly digital business world requires teams of people with specialized knowledge of how IT works and how to keep it working. IT is so complex that it may require several types of expertise working in conjunction to keep it running smoothly. If you’re considering a career in IT, you can be sure that your skills will be in high demand across multiple market segments. Virtually every type of business today has some level of IT demand and requires experts with certifications and technical expertise.

However, the highly specialized nature of IT certifications means it can be difficult for anyone wanting to get into the industry to know where to begin. Depending on the type of certifications they achieve, IT professionals may have different opportunities open to them. That’s why it’s important for anyone attempting to break into the IT sector to know more about the types of certifications available to them and how they may impact their careers. The infographic below details many of the most common types of certifications IT professionals can achieve. Be sure to review it before you make the choices that will define your career and your future.

Thomas Bayhan is Program manager at TrainACE, an established IT training and certification organization offering training in both the private and government sector.

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