Considering a Career in the Military? Here Are Some Facts to Consider

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An article by contributor Eileen O’Shanassy.

Choosing a career path can often be a very difficult decision, especially when you don’t know where to begin looking. It is an important decision that will impact your livelihood and should be thought through thoroughly. If you are considering enlisting in the military, here are some facts that you should consider while making your decision.

The military has a large variety of career paths

If you are trying to decide between a life in the military or another career path, there is likely a way that you can do both. The military employs doctors, engineers, accountants, and many other different types of professionals. Your career path likely aligns with the military, and using things like the GI bill will help pay for your schooling and make it easier. If you are having trouble deciding between the military and another career path, see if that career path is available in the military.

VA benefits

The Veterans Benefits Administration makes a wide variety of benefits and services available to veterans. These benefits include benefits on everything from home loans to discounts on tickets to places like Disneyland. According to Low VA Rates, VA mortgages are designed “to help our nation’s veterans obtain adequate housing on better terms than they could get anywhere else.” The list of benefits that are available to veterans is almost never-ending, and they are not small discounts either. Some discounts can save you thousands of dollars while others give you peace of mind. Veterans receive a plethora of benefits like pensions and employment services that are not available to civilians or anyone else.

Gain experience

The experience that you gain does not just benefit you in the military; it will qualify you to work in a variety of civilian jobs. For example, if you are a pilot in the military, you can find a job as a pilot once you are out of the military. You will have experience flying and likely be more qualified than those that you are competing against for the job. This goes for accountants, psychologists, and basically any other job in the military.

Consider all these factors together when you are trying to decide if you want to enlist in the military. These benefits are not available in every industry, and some of them are not available at all outside of the military. The experiences that you will gain could prepare you for your career in a way that you cannot find in the classroom.

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Eileen O’Shanassy is a freelance writer and blogger based out of Flagstaff, AZ. She writes on a variety of topics and loves to research and write. She enjoys baking, biking, and kayaking. Check out her Twitter @eileenoshanassy

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