Not Sure What Path To Take? Check Out These 7 Career Ideas To Give You Food for Thought

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ConstructionUpon leaving full time education, you’re going to have a potentially life changing decision to make. Your choice of career path could determine the path of your life for the next ten years or even longer, so it’s vitally important you perform a significant amount of research and get things right. Nobody wants to waste two or three years in a role only to discover they hold no enjoyment for the job, which is one of the main reasons this article has been created.

Hopefully, after reading through the 7 top suggestions listed below, you’ll have enough inspiration to find something you’ll truly excel at.

Here they are:

1. Construction

Whether you decide to become an architect or a builder, working in the construction industry is ideal for people who enjoy spending time outdoors. You’ll need to be strong and fit to succeed, but the potential earnings in this career are pretty favourable. You could even try to enter a niche market by working for a company that specialises in a particular product like Leominster Farm Buildings or something similar.

2. Recruitment Consultant

Have you noticed the lack of good jobs available at the moment? Well then, it might be sensible to join one of the only industries known to grow at times like this. As a recruitment consultant, your job will be finding unemployed people work and making a commission from their earnings. You’ll need excellent social skills and a good telephone manner to succeed at this.

3. School Teacher

If you like the idea of having lots of holidays and actually making a difference in the lives of young people, becoming a teacher could provide you will all the fulfillment you’ll ever need. Obviously, you’ll need to specialise in a subject at university before taking the teaching course, but there’s nothing stopping you from choosing something simple like geography or history. Earnings are also very reasonable for this job.

4. Police Man / Woman

Do you watch the news and spend hours thinking about all those criminals who take advantage of people? Would you like to really have an impact on society? Then joining the police force is the perfect career move. You’ll have to work hard at remembering certain parts of the law, and you might get in a slightly dangerous situation from time to time, but it will be worth it.

5. PR Consultant

Presuming you find the world of advertising to be interesting but you don’t want to me a full-blown marketer, opting to either set up your own business, or join an established PR consultancy firm could satisfy all your urges. This is perfect for people who have an interest in human psychology, and those who don’t mind spending all day sat in front of a computer.

6. Stock Broker

With the recent success of Martin Scorsese’s film “The Wolf of Wall Street”, many people are considering a career in the stock market. While you might think it’s a difficult job to find, once you’re in, you stand to make millions. You’ll need a number of skills relating to persuasion, and a conscience you’re able to ignore.

7. Diving Instructor

Finally, this is out wildcard today. So long as you have adequate swimming skills, and you like spending time with other people, becoming a diving instructor could seriously change your life. There are many companies all over the world who provide instructors to popular holiday destinations by the sea, so you could end up spending your summers in somewhere like Morocco. Not bad eh?

After reading through those suggestions, you should be much closer to finding the ideal career path and starting your adult life in the real world. Good luck with the decision, I’m certain you’ll make the right choice when the time comes.

See you soon!

Uk-based contributor Sam Gatt, a blogger on all things business and career related.

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