So Your Passion is Medicine: 7 Careers to Reach Your Dreams

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So Your Passion is Medicine, 7 Careers to Reach Your DreamsAn article by contributor Anica Oaks.

Finding the right career choice is something that has to be done with planning. However, having a passion in a specific area should be the driver. The medical professional is one of those areas where individuals can make a tangible impact on the lives of others. Passion plus these seven degrees can lead to a rewarding life helping people live happy and healthy lives.


If you love children, then this is a great career to pursue. It requires a medical degree and then more training with board certification in pediatrics. This specialty works with the most vulnerable in our society as it ensures they grow and thrive. These specialists go beyond doctor visits by playing a major role with parenting. This includes being a resource for the important physical, social and psychological milestones of children.

High-risk Obstetrician

Obstetrics is another interesting medical specialty. Obstetricians do more than deliver babies. In fact, high-risk obstetricians like Dr. Gilbert Webb are a specialized type of gynecologist, so female reproductive health including fertility is very important to this professional. This specialist works with women who have challenges getting and staying pregnant, or are at-risk for pregnancy complications for the parent and/or child. Their training is focused on high-risk gestations, beyond the medical degree and board certifications in obstetrics and gynecology.

Nurse Practitioner

One step away from being a doctor is being a nurse practitioner. They are nurses with bachelor’s, master’s and Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degrees. These professionals have extensive training in diagnosis as well as the treatment of illnesses. In addition, training offers specialty focus areas to prepare individuals for patient care. Nurse practitioners are considered to be a counterpart to physicians. According to, over 20 states give nurses full authority to practice medicine. This translates to DEA numbers and prescription writing privileges, starting their own practice and more.

Registered Nurse

Being a registered nurse is another medical area for consideration. While there is no true specialty, nurses are considered medical generalists and can work in a variety of arenas—such as in a hospital, doctor’s office or in-home care.


A bachelor’s degree to a PhD can be earned in pharmacology. Pharmacist roles include operating in hospitals mixing medications such as those used in chemotherapy or in stores filling prescriptions. Pharmacists can answer questions about the drugs prescribed as well as the possible side effects and allergic reactions. The accessibility of this professional makes them an invaluable resource. This includes being the liaison between patient and doctor regarding all forms of prescriptions.

Child Life Specialist

This emerging degree has a targeted area of expertise dealing with the pediatric population. They have the responsibility to prepare children and families for hospital procedures, including for tests and surgeries. In this capacity, techniques are used to mitigate the stressors that pediatric patients experience. Their training requires a bachelor’s degree, clinical internship, and board certification. In addition, most professionals hold master’s degrees.

Occupational Therapist

These professionals are the facilitators for individuals who have medical setbacks. They ensure that people can get back to living regular lives. They are trained in accessing the status of patients and in creating a regimen to achieve specific goals. These goals could include learning how to talk, walk, or write to name a few essential life skills. Occupational therapists can be found working in a variety of places including, hospitals, academia, rehabilitation centers and more.

If you have a passion to work in the medical field, the important thing to remember is the bevy of degree choices available. Being a doctor is just one of those options. Tap into your passion, and let it guide your decision.

Anica Oaks is a freelance writer and web enthusiast. You can find more of her published work on her Google+ page.

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