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An Article by contributor Alicia Hill.

Apart from helping people become citizens in a new country, there is so much more that an immigration lawyer does. Immigration lawyers have the knowledge and expertise to defend people’s cases to prevent them from being deported. If you’d like to help and handle cases concerning individuals’ rights to remain in a country or become citizens, here is a guide to becoming an immigration lawyer.

What do Immigration Lawyers do?

As an immigration attorney, your job description also entails providing legal advice for individuals looking to obtain work visas. Additionally, an immigration law career entails helping people get citizenship through naturalization or otherwise.

Individuals pay immigration lawyers consultation fees to get expert advice, as well as, assistance on the quickest and easiest way to legally obtain citizenship. The process is complex and time consuming without the help of a professional who specializes in that field.

An attorney will help with the handling of appointment letters, as well as, taking English and Civics tests. Another equally important job role immigration attorneys have is assisting individuals to start a business in another country. Your lawyer will ensure all the necessary documents are filed and submitted in time.

How Much do Immigration Lawyers Earn

For helping individuals with the smooth legal transition into a new country and legitimizing citizenships, immigration charge hourly for their services. There is also a consultation fee that clients are required to pay for the provision of counsel and any other assistance to be rendered.

Because in most cases immigrants are not usually financially stable, immigration attorneys ensure what they charge suits the means of the client. The average hourly rate for most immigration lawyers ranges between $100 to $350, and it could be lower or higher depending on certain determining factors.

One of the determining factors for how much an immigration lawyer ends up earning is the location in which they are practising in. Other factors are a lawyer’s reputation, the employer, as well as, experience in their respective fields. If for instance, you decide to work with a non-profit organization, the pay will be much lower.

Careers That Involve Helping Immigrants

Aside from immigration lawyers, there are many other careers that involve helping immigrants. These careers allow you to assist in positively impacting immigrants and refugees. This is rewarding work because you get the opportunity to save and change people’s lives.

Your job will involve ensuring the rights of immigrants and refugees are not infringed on. Some of these careers include;

  • Social workers
  • Interpreters and translators
  • Community health workers
  • Childcare workers

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Career Perks

Working is such a client-centred environment requires competence and compassion. You also get the opportunity to grow career-wise by learning from those that are ahead of you. With the diversity in the number of professionals you’ll work with, you’ll get countless opportunities to interact with experts and as a result, learn a thing or two each day.

Immigration Lawyer Career Duties and Education

Even though immigration is a controversial area of concern, immigration law has provisions that ensure the rights of immigrants and refugees are protected. As an immigration lawyer, your career duties involve acting under the law to assist immigrants to obtain legal permanent residents and help visitors get visa grants. Immigration lawyers work side by side with the Department of Homeland and Security to ensure immigration law is upheld.

To become an immigration lawyer, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree, as well as, Juris Doctor Law Degree. Some of the courses you’ll be required to take in law school include citizenship and statutory analysis. Finally, you’ll be required to pass bar exams to be able to legally practice law.

Immigration Lawyer Career Information

Below are ways in which immigration lawyers can represent their clients;

  • Obtaining employment-based immigrant visas
  • Filing for political asylum or refugee status
  • Acquiring citizenship
  • Obtaining a resident permit- green card
  • Assisting foreign companies to establish themselves in another country legally


As a professional immigration attorney, your job involves walking clients through application processes and helping them satisfy statutory requirements.

Alicia Hill  is a content writer with backgrounds in business management, class consulting and marketing communication. She writes for several businesses from around the world. Recently, she writes for Infinite Migration Australia, an Australian Immigration Agency based in Brisbane.

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