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design typographyAn article by UK based contributor Sam Gatt.

For an ambitious creative, the field of graphic design stands out as a fantastic area to build a long and successful career. It’s an industry that has undergone immense change over the past 25 years. Meanwhile, the importance of branding and company image ensures that there will always be vacancies on offer.

It’s certainly an attractive prospect. However, choosing a career path is not a task that should be taken lightly. Before pursuing this goal, it’s imperative that you know what to expect. Reading this graphic designer job description will provide further information on this subject. This information should help you make a more calculated decision.

What Makes a Great Artist?

Many aspiring designers find that taking a college course in the subject is a great way to learn those skills. However, it’s not the only way to learn. Watching video tutorials and reading books can be an equally effective way of honing your natural talent. Gaining qualifications will confirm your qualities, and may allow you to utilise the experience and advice of tutors. Nevertheless, this is a job where the proof is in the pudding.

The most important thing you need to do is actively design things. This is the only way to get better, and it also helps build a portfolio of work. Graphic design should be enjoyable, and building creations as a hobby will help. However, it’s also important to gain experience of working to a brief. One great way to do this is through offering your services on freelance directories. You’ll earn some extra cash, which always nice. More importantly, you’ll be building an eclectic mix of designs to show your versatility. Besides, you will often gain references from happy clients too.

Build Your Portfolio

Experience is vital, and you should also look for any work placements at big companies. Even if it’s voluntary, having those names on your CV will give your applications a serious lift. This also gives you a chance to make important contacts and impress potential future employers. Show them that they can’t afford not to employ you, and you could land yourself a full-time career in next to no time.

While setting up a business or going freelance works for some, many will seek standard employment. Building that list of contacts will only help. However, it’s equally crucial that you actively know where to look for any job vacancies that may arise. Graphic design is a competitive field, so you should add the best jobs boards to your internet bookmarks. It would be criminal to miss out on your dream job due to not seeing it.

When applying for those jobs, it can be very helpful to supplement your application with a portfolio website. This is the perfect way to show off your work and also offers the chance to show off your achievements in a more eye-catching manner. Meanwhile, you should take the time to write a tailored cover letter for each role. Employers can tell when you’ve used a stock one. It might not necessarily harm your chances, but the extra enthusiasm for the job could make a difference.

Stay Determined And Do Your Best

First impressions count for everything in business, particularly when applying for a job. This is even more influential when trying to break an industry dominated by appearances and image. Good preparation ahead of an interview will calm your nerves. Meanwhile, you should take this opportunity to display your talents. Take the opportunity to show your portfolio in a creative way, and it will set the right foundations. Follow this with a solid interview, and you should be just fine.

Graphic design is a competitive arena, so you should be prepared for a few setbacks along the way. Don’t give up, use this as your inspiration to become even stronger. If you do fail to land a role, don’t be afraid to ask for tips from the employer. Anything that makes your future applications stronger is a step in the right direction.

Start Making Professional Connections

Similarly, you could get in contact with other industry professionals. Whether this is through networking events or contacting them online doesn’t matter. Aside from the advice, they may point you in the right direction of a recruiter. The enthusiasm you’re showing will certainly serve you well too.

If you want to become a successful graphic designer, be prepared to work for it. The biggest tool, aside from your natural flair, is passion. Let this shine through in everything you do, and you will get where you want to be.

And once you do, it will be a truly rewarding situation. After all, nothing can beat working in a job you love.

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