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Below are the coach's responses to previous Ask the Coach questions. The coach responds to as many questions as possible and posts the responses to the blog for the benefit of everyone who follows TheCampusCareerCoach!

How Can I Balance Both an Internship and Full-Time Course Load?

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Amarachi from National University asks: “I got an internship, but it might eat into my college resumption time.  However, it is really a great opportunity. Will it be the right choice to go for the internship?” Thanks for your question, Amarachi.  It can be a challenge managing a full-time course load along with an internship to be sure. If you are like the majority of students attending college, then you are probably in college to gain knowledge and skill in your major and earn your degree to get your career started.  If so, you are going to leverage your education … / Read more »

How Can I Improve My Resume and LinkedIn Profile?

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Mavathy from The University of Texas at Dallas asks: “I am currently looking for full-time job opportunities. How can I improve my resume and LinkedIn profile?” Thanks for your question, Mavathy.  Today’s job market is great as indicated by the lowest unemployment numbers in nearly two decades.  However, this doesn’t mean that it is easy to land a good job. Today’s job market is extremely competitive, even for entry-level, full-time opportunities.  In fact, statistics indicate that 250 resumes are received for every corporate job opening.  It is important to recognize the competitive nature of the job market.  Once you realize … / Read more »

How Can I Land a Job in Nutrition While a College Student?

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Mary from Portland Community College asks: “I am starting my journey as a student at Portland Community College soon with hopes of moving on to a Bachelor of Science in nutrition or in integrity of health sciences. I need a job while enrolled at PCC, however I would like a job that relates to my field of study. I’d love to have a job working with plants, herbs, botanicals, food crops, essential oils. It would also be ideal to have a job that had something to do with research of holistic medicine, or research of nutrition. However, I can’t seem … / Read more »

How Can I Start My Career as a Writer/Travel Writer?

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Samara from Benedictine University asks: “I am an English Literature and Language major. Are there any travel writing/blogging jobs available? For example, are there positions with a travel magazine or other travel industry publication or website or teaching jobs using the French language? I am having trouble finding internships in these fields and would appreciate any advice to get my career started.” Thanks for your question, Samara.  After researching to answer your question, I can confidently tell you there is a ton of opportunity out there for you. Having worked with thousands of soon-to-graduate seniors and recent college graduates, most … / Read more »

How Can I Get More Interview Opportunities with My Resume? What Can I Do to Improve My Interviewing Skills?

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Rich from University of Texas at Austin asks: “I am a graduate with a degree in biochemistry and a degree in computer science. Furthermore, I have an insurance license and completed an insurance class. The thing is that when these attributes get brought up in an interview for a job not related to these courses, degrees, or licenses. I am asked why I did not go for those in my field(s) even though I have an interest in sales. How do I answer their questions? Also, there is a huge gap between these accomplishments and I only have 5 months … / Read more »