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7 Key Skills to Launch the Perfect Digital Marketing Career

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An Article by contributor Gigi Wara. How do you know the skills that matter most to a digital marketer? The answer to that question lies in the published research on the most effective digital marketing tactics. A quick look at one of the studies shows that it is hard to separate the following digital marketing efforts: Social media Content marketing Use of marketing technology Search Engine Optimization SEO Email marketing Search and social ads Data management These tactics form the core of digital marketing. Here are the seven skills required for digital marketing journey. 1. Social Media Marketing Skills Research … / Read more »

How Can I Launch a Career in Project Management?

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Crystal from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University asks: “My career started as an Avionics Technician in the Air Force. Most of my career has been in the IT industry. I recently switched career fields back to defense and space within an aeronautics civilian division in a program management office (there is not project management here). I am now in emergency management. I have a BS in Technical Management – Project Management. I still want to pursue project management but am unsure on how to find the right job for this, and how to write the right resume for this. How do I … / Read more »

How Can I Change Course in my Nursing Career?

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Clarissa from Chamberlain College of Nursing asks: “I am currently enrolled to obtain my MSN-FNP, but am having second thoughts. I want to change my career path to Nurse Educator or Nurse Executive, and then at a later juncture, obtain the FNP. What should I do?” Thanks for the question, Clarissa.  It is your career so you can do whatever you wish. However, as a career coach, I always want to understand the “why” so I can know more about the client’s motivations and desires. This information is always insightful and allows a coach, like me, to ask better questions … / Read more »

How to Set Up a Career in Real Estate While You’re Still in College

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An article by contributor Eileen O’Shanassy. When you’re in college, it is the time to focus on planning and preparing for your future. Your education will help you to earn the income you’d like and prepare you for the career of your dreams. If you are interested in real estate, it’s important to take steps to get informed about real estate investing, selling, and marketing. Understand that you can make all of these things happen while you’re still in college. To achieve monumental success, consider these five ways you can set yourself up for your future career in real estate. … / Read more »

How Can I Balance Both an Internship and Full-Time Course Load?

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Amarachi from National University asks: “I got an internship, but it might eat into my college resumption time.  However, it is really a great opportunity. Will it be the right choice to go for the internship?” Thanks for your question, Amarachi.  It can be a challenge managing a full-time course load along with an internship to be sure. If you are like the majority of students attending college, then you are probably in college to gain knowledge and skill in your major and earn your degree to get your career started.  If so, you are going to leverage your education … / Read more »