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The Job Market: How to Make Yourself Stand out to Potential Employers

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An article by Ohio based contributor Lizzie Weakley. When employers need a position filled, they don’t go out and look for the mediocre candidates; they find people who shine out from the herd. Nowadays, it’s becoming even more difficult to stand out, though. Colleges and universities are spitting out hundreds of thousands of new candidates, all hungry to prove themselves and start earning money. So how do you make yourself stand out in such saturated markets? Here’s five ways to do that. Think Outside the Box A Minnesota native made the headlines a few years ago when he bought some … / Read more »

How to Start Freelancer Career

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An infographic courtesy of Resume Writing Lab. A lot of students, as well as recent graduates, dream about freelancing. Certainly, there are quite a few benefits that make this career path attracting. Promises of flexible hours, location freedom, control over jobs, and profitability often make job seekers forget that freelance job is a job nonetheless. Thinking that Freelancing Career is a lot easier than a 9-to-5 job would be a mistake. To get to the top you will have to work a lot. There are numerous opportunities for freelancers but every single of them requires your time and hard work. … / Read more »

5 Tips for Success in a Cosmetology School

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An article by contributor Dixie Somers. If you’ve decided on cosmetology as a career path, you may have many questions about attending a school, but it’s an important first step. There are 70,500 new job openings expected in the next few years. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn the trade from experienced professionals. The quality of the education you receive is very much dependent on the focus and effort you put into it. Here are some tips for getting the most from cosmetology school to advance your skills and knowledge. Attend Every Class While higher priorities, accidents, or illness may … / Read more »

The Do’s and Don’ts of Seeking Internships

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Not sure where to begin when looking for an internship? We’ve partnered with College Recruiter to bring you real stories of the best and worst intern candidates, gathered from insights provided by Intel and NECC. Whether you’re a student or a career advisor guiding students, familiarize yourself on these do’s and don’ts when seeking an internship. Do: Network with employees at organizations of interest and try to find a personal connection Apply for internships you’re passionate about, even if you don’t meet all the requirements Show enthusiasm and knowledge about the internship Utilize resources such as the Career Center and … / Read more »

5 Certificates that Can Get You a Great Job

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An article by contributor Hannah Thomas. Even as a student, improving your skills and constantly being in the loop with all the novelties and updates of your future profession is responsible and commendable behaviour. With the knowledge you gain at the university sometimes it’s required to have a certificate so you can prove how much you have invested in yourself and the field of interest. Also, the certificates will enable you to apply for better positions or job ads. But not all certificates are so influential, and some can even be considered obsolete. In order to choose the right ones, … / Read more »