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I want to work in Environmental Consulting

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Emily Gallagher, a freelance writer, compiled the following information for PM Environmental, an environmental engineering firm. The original post can be found on the PM Environmental website.  Emiliee has given me permission to reprint it here. PM Environmental discovered that many students express interest in environmental consulting careers, but that there wasn’t much practical information available about what a career in this environmental consulting looks like. With that in mind, Emiliee asked some successful environmental consulting professionals about their thoughts on career paths, advice on classes, starting positions and much more.   Their responses are below. If a student were looking to get into environmental … / Read more »

Executive Chats

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How do CEOs, Vice Presidents, Executive Directors and other senior level executive make it to the top of their organizations and industries? How did they get there?  How do they stay there?  What sacrifices did they have to make along the way?  What were their undergraduate majors? Did they go to graduate school?  What roles did luck, timing, preparation or perspiration play in their success? How have they dealt with failure? If you think you want to be a captain of industry, political or social leader or other kind of executive level leader, you had better be sure you know … / Read more »


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Welcome to – a service of CSO Research Inc.  This blog provides career advising and coaching resources and information to benefit the students of CSO’s 600+ client colleges and universities across the US and around the world. Content is provided primarily by me –  Matt Berndt, CSO’s Director of Communication & Career Services with additional content provided by  Mason Gates, CSO’s Director of Employer Engagement,  and other of our colleagues at CSO and friends in career services and recruiting.  I have been described as a “career evangelist“ because of my passion for helping college students proactively explore their career options and pursue … / Read more »