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5 Tips to Help You Double Your Productivity at the Office

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An article by contributor Carol Williams. Landing your first job, you’ll soon learn that if there’s one thing every professional wants is to improve their productivity. Today, productivity is a highly valued metric all managers are after – they realize that even if professionals work longer hours, they don’t necessarily become more productive. With Sweden introducing a 6-hour workday, productivity gains a new significance and opens up a discussion about the way in which we organize our work. Here are 5 key tips to help you become more productive and finish your tasks in record time. 1. Organize yourself Killer … / Read more »

I love my job as an architect! (David Schultz)

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David Schultz, AIA, NCARB, LEED is the principal architect at David F. Schultz Associates Ltd. in Barrington, IL.  David F. Schultz Associates was founded in 1986 and specializes in the design of churches, preschools, parochial schools and other facilities for church-based ministries. David’s firm has designed more than 372 facilities over the past 26 years. What did you want to be when you grew up? I always wanted to be an architect.  I constantly played with blocks, made huge towns out of them that would wind throughout our house.  I built tree houses in my backyard. Some kids got into … / Read more »

What can I do with my degrees in architecture and accounting?

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Randy from Ball State University asked: What can I do with my degrees in architecture and accounting? Hi Randy You can do a variety of things with your two degrees.  They key question you need to answer is “what do you want to do?” Do you want to focus on architecture and use your accounting skills in a secondary manner, supporting your career in architecture; or do you want to focus on accounting and do so in architecture-related fields? Or, do you want to do something altogether different? Whatever you do, you have to make YOU make sense to potential … / Read more »

How can I find the right career path for me?

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Bailey from the College of the Canyons asked: I’m a freshman, and I work full time in the Aerospace Industry.  My work experience has really changed my perspective on my degree and my career exploration. I’ve lost interest in powering through my General Education requirements, as I have come to believe that no entry-level job can be satisfying . . . so why not just take classes I enjoy?  I’ve even gone to the extremes of escapism: Maybe a degree isn’t for me. Maybe I need to leave the country. Maybe [fill in blank with absurd alternative to going to … / Read more »