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How to Create a Professional Video Background

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Are you someone who always turns on their video camera for meetings and wants a real background – versus a virtual or blurred background – but not sure where to start? Creating a professional background does not have to be time-consuming or costly. Here are five things to consider when creating a professional background. Location. Find or create a designated space for taking virtual calls. By designating a space for virtual calls, you will not be scrambling before your next call trying to find a good background forcing you to use a virtual background. Instead, find a location that is not busy. … / Read more »

Why Job-Seeking Students Should Stop Using Virtual Backgrounds and Turn Your Video On

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As more companies, schools, career fairs, and job interviews are going virtual, video meeting etiquette is something we are all learning about. We have learned how it can be easy to turn on virtual backgrounds or not turn our cameras on at all. However, it is more professional to have our camera on and use real backgrounds. Below are reasons why we should use our camera, why we shouldn’t use virtual backgrounds but real backgrounds, and tips on how to create a professional background. Why you should turn on your camera By turning our camera on, it shows we are … / Read more »

4 Virtual Career Fair and Video Interview Follow-Up Email Templates

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After attending a virtual career fair or completing an interview, send a follow-up email or card to who you spoke with. Sending a follow-up note reminds the interviewer that you are a strong candidate who is passionate about the opportunity presented. By sending a follow-up, you are leaving a great impression and you leave the recruiter feeling like they spent their time wisely by speaking with you. The follow-up does not need to be lengthy. In your follow-up, you should mention something specific you talked about with the recruiter, so they remember who you are. Make sure you thank them … / Read more »

12 Helpful Alexa Skills for College Students

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Ask Alexa GradLeaders

Amazon Echo devices and the Alexa voice-prompt assistant gives students the freedom to access information, learn new skills, and complete tasks in a hands-free manner. This device makes it easier to connect with others, learn about new opportunities, prioritize tasks, and manage time. Here are the top 12 skills to help college students make the most of their time at school and improve their chances of landing their dream job upon graduation: Find jobs that match your career goals: “Alexa, open Career Advisor.” If you’re just beginning your job search or looking to switch careers, Alexa’s Career Advisor skill is a great place to start. She will … / Read more »

Tips to Answer Post-Pandemic Interview Questions

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The COVID-19 pandemic affected the way job seekers and employers find careers and onboard new hires. With this kind of an impact, you can be sure that employers will be asking questions about how you managed your time during the pandemic and what your plans are for the future. Knowing how to answer these questions can show employers that you were able to make the most of an unprecedented situation. Here are a few helpful tips on how to strategically answer post pandemic interview questions. How did you deal with the transition to working/learning in a virtual environment? Although some people thrive while working from home, that’s … / Read more »