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The Future of Civil Engineering

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An article by contributor Romalyn Casia. Civil engineering is one of the most popular academic domains that is taught and pursued worldwide. The rapid growth and increase in constructions and infrastructural development after the recession of 2007 has brought an incredible increase in the demand and significance for civil engineers. Not only that, the domain is in a constant phase of transition, growth, and development and possesses an effervescence of potential for budding civil engineers. Here is an insight into the future of civil engineering. Civil Engineering Career Trends The future outlook for a civil engineering career seems bright, hinting at … / Read more »

What’s a Payroll Specialist and Is It Right for You?

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The role of payroll specialist might not be something you’ve heard of before, but it could be the perfect job for you! Read on to find out exactly what they do, how much money they make and the skills you would need to enter this career field. From there, you’ll be ready to decide whether or not being a payroll specialist is in your future! What Do They Do? A payroll specialist is involved with keeping track of the time people spend working, as well as making sure they’re getting paid the right amount for those hours. They make sure … / Read more »

Should I change careers?

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Katie from the University of West Florida asked: “I will have my Master’s degree in I/O psychology soon. I’m looking for a career change into massage or cosmetology school since I have lost interest in the Human Resources field. I have done projects, internships, and some of my job experience is related to HR, but my passion for the field has definitely been reduced. I would like a more creative field, somewhat less stressful, and less paperwork oriented. I want to be able to help people feel better about themselves, but I’m scared that this will be a bad decision.” Thanks for your … / Read more »

Lucrative Degree Options for Women in Technology

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Technology degrees have historically been dominated by men. However, as attitudes in academia and technology fields change, a degree in technology is now an excellent career choice for female students as well. Below introduces four of the most lucrative technology degree options for women and how you can get started in them. Sales Engineer Sales engineers must have excellent interpersonal and technological skills. Since they prepare and deliver product or service presentations, they must have factual knowledge of parts, processes, and functions as well. Engineers work with existing clients and engineers to evaluate equipment needs and requirements and also assist … / Read more »

Class of Spring 2015 – At Graduation: Which majors earn the most?

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Did you know? … At graduation, the five majors reporting the highest salaries were: Engineering at $57,500 Computer/Information Sciences at $50,000 Health Professions at 44,000 Mathematics and Statistics at $43,000 Business, Management, Marketing & Finance at $40,000 What does your major say about what you can expect to earn when you graduate? If you want to work in a field related to your major field of study, it might say a lot.  If not, it may not be as strong an indicator of what you may be able to earn. Look deeper than the numbers on the surface if you want to … / Read more »