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How Can I Minimize the Impact of My Extended Unemployment to Get Back to Work?

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Donna from DeVry University asks: “I have been unemployed for two years. What do I say to prospective employers about my unemployment time?” Thanks for your question, Donna.  The prevailing thought on this is that it is easier to land a job when you are already in a job.  I would agree that this is generally the case, probably because someone who is currently working will likely to project more confidence and less desperation during the hiring process. Plus, employers may feel that a passive candidate (one currently working) is likely to bring polished and “sharp” relevant skills to the … / Read more »

Interview Success- from the Eyes of the Recruiter

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I have spent over 7 years providing career coaching to undergraduate and graduate students, as well as alumni. Now, I serve as a Recruitment & Onboarding Specialist at a national nonprofit. Being on the other side of the table allows me to see candidates in a different light. Based on my observations of candidates, I am providing tips on ways to stand out during an interview: Research the company This is a critical first step. During an interview, you will be asked why you are interested in the company. From the interviewer’s perspective, they need to know that you are … / Read more »

Should My Resume for a Professor Recommendation Be Different from My Resume for a Job?

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Hannah D. from South Alabama asks: “Currently, I am contacting professors to ask for recommendations, so I was wondering if the resume I provide to a professor for a recommendation request would include all of the same content as my resume for a job?” Thanks for your question, Hannah.  As you contact professors for recommendations, make sure to follow their specific instructions as each may have differing standards.  Better said, make it easy for your professor to follow through and offer a meaningful recommendation on your behalf. Generally, I wouldn’t think it would be necessary for you to use a … / Read more »

What Format is Best for Work and Project Dates on a Resume and How Can I Improve My Resume Document?

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Robert from Springfield College asks: “When putting end dates on a resume, would you put the end of a contract date or put the date you stopped working at the establishment if they are different dates?” Thanks for your question, Robert.  As you probably already know, today’s job market is great as indicated by the lowest unemployment numbers in nearly two decades.  But, it isn’t easy to land a great job. Today’s job market is extremely competitive, even for entry-level, full-time opportunities.  In fact, statistics indicate that 250 resumes are received for every corporate job opening.  It is important to … / Read more »

What are Soft Skills and Why are they Important?

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We often hear people being tensed about improving upon their technical skills. What happens next? They do ace it and yet end up getting rejected. Why? When we are vying for something big, we only focus on working on the tougher parts. Alas, we miss out on working on the easier things. But, mind you, these little things if undone can cost you your job. Let’s stop talking in circles and get clear with understanding the importance of those little things which in our case is: working on the soft skills. But what are soft skills? When you search on … / Read more »